Thursday, 9 January 2014

6th January 2014 - Back in the Habit

Terrible night's sleep. Although I fell asleep quite quickly - something that Paul didn't manage to do, I woke up at about 3:40am. How do I remember this - because I thought to myself "I have two hours before the alarm goes off!"

That right there is the dangerous thought. Because after you think that, you can never get back to sleep. I closed my eyes, I thought of nice things (what my Mum used to say to me when I had woken in the night ' "close your eyes, think of nice things, think of Canada!"*) and it didn't work.

Barney came for a purry cuddle at 5am on the dot. Maia was snuggled behind my knees so at least I had nice cuddly company.

Then the alarm went off. At 5:40am. I snoozed it, and lamented that Barney had jumped away. :( After 10 minutes I jumped out of bed and was up and at 'em! Why? Because I WANT TO GO TO THE GYM AGAIN!

Paul got up, and goshdarnit, we went to that there gymnasium and we worked out!

It was hard work. It burned. We've lost probably most of the fitness we accumulated pre-wedding. But it doesn't matter. We went and we did it and we were smug when we got home!

I got ready for work and went to work. It was T's first day back after a little holiday over new year, so it was nice to catch up with her.

I worked bloomin' hard but was flagging by lunch time. Which meant that the afternoon went really slow! I MEAN REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY SLOW! I think I gave up at about 4:30pm and stared at my monitor like a zombie.

Paul came to pick me up after work, which was a very good thing, as I had a delivery come during the day and didn't fancy carrying it home!

We came back via Asda as we had a few bits and bobs (I was told today that I say 'bits and bobs' a lot. It's true. I'm not going to change that though. Soz!) to buy and also a load of recycling to drop off at the large bins that they helpfully house in the car park. We also donated a large bag of clothes to charity. We're good people!

We got home and I unpacked my delivery. I wasn't expecting this item until the end of the week so it was a pleasant surprise!


That's not what I ordered but I can't send it back, can I?!

No, what I ordered was a container for all my crafty bits and bobs ( :D) as the box they're currently in is falling to pieces and everything is a mess.

This is what I got. It's listed as a crafts/fishing container. It's really good!I just hope it's big enough to put everything in! Probably not, but it will do for the time being!

We watched some more The Good Wife, and chilled for a while, then headed up to bed at a thoroughly decent hour! Paul read for a while but my eyes were far too sleepy!


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