Saturday, 11 January 2014

8th January 2014 - Woes

Not the best night's sleep but not the worst. And at least we could lie in for a little while this morning, which is always a pleasure! Although getting up was NOT easy at all. In fact opening my eyes was possibly the most difficult part of the day!

Although making it through the working day was pretty difficult. Doing really boring admin tasks and that is not my idea of fun! I whinged and moaned but got on with it because no one else is going to do it! Had some narky people on the phone but that's about as exciting as work got!

After work I headed home to tidy up a little for the first #Whedonsday of the year! WHOOP!

Chris arrived in the torrential rain and we caught up as it's been AGES since we last saw him!

We sat down and watched S.H.I.E.L.D which was a gritty episode it seems, ate dinner (Jambalaya from the Hairy Dieters' first book) and then started watching Buffy season 2. An excellent season, if a little slow to start.

We ate jam roly poly (good British grub) and then Paul dropped Chris to the station while I washed up. Not the most eventful of days I'm afraid.

Apart from that I look like I'm self-harming...or being beaten.

The lowest bruise is from lifting and filing in the office. The burn is from the ironing on Sunday. Th top-most bruise is from the container into which I put the clothes that we were sending to the charity shop.

Further up my arm I have new scratches, again from filing.

I think this is nature's way of telling me that I shouldn't do filing. Or ironing. Or should wear long sleeves at all times...


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