Sunday, 12 January 2014

9th January 2014 - The road goes ever on...

Another early start = another gym session. I decided to let Paul lead the workout today and we did the leg challenge and then some dynamic weights. It wasn't the longest workout in the world but it was different to usual and we were both pretty knackered by the end of it.

Still, it was a good start to the day!

Part of my Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-law. It's a good hint for Paul I think! :)

Was a busy day in work today but the day went by quite quickly! Which is a shock to say the least!

I had ordered a new cat tree for the living room to replace the one that is currently in there which is a little bit tatty. That can go in the spare room to replace the one that Barney broke. They love sitting in there watching the birdies (plus it's the warmest room in the house) so they'll like that platform. Anyway, I ordered this tree last week, and I got an email today saying that they were out of stock and they'd be getting another shipment in in two weeks' time. I can wait that long, so it's no bother. Until I got a second email telling me that actually, they probably wouldn't be getting any until the week beginning 31st March. Um, WHAT?! YET THEY WERE GOING TO CHARGE ME THE FULL AMOUNT AS I HAD ORDERED SOMETHING ELSE TOO AND THEY COULD SHIP THAT! Not having any of it, I looked at the website and they still had it listed, but in a different colour. I don't understand why they couldn't offer that as an alternative. So I replied to their email and asked if they actually did have the other colour in stock and could I have that instead?

I got a prompt reply stating that it was in stock but more expensive than the once I had ordered (I got it on a super-sale day) but they'd kindly honour the amount that I had already 'paid'.  So I should be getting a beige tower rather than a coffee tower in the next few days. Hmph.

I got out at normal time and got home. Paul was working (and did for pretty much the whole evening) and I vegetated on the sofa watching more The Good Wife. We had dinner, which was leftovers from Tuesday night:

And while Paul was in the kitchen, Barney came to join me!

He wouldn't look at me though. That's too generous of him!

We watched a few eps, and I managed to persuade Paul to stop working and chill out a little. Then I remembered I had a parcel to send back and needed to package it up.

We got my bro and sis-in-law a digital picture frame for Christmas, and I had wanted to pre-load it with old pictures before giving it to them. Their lives are going to be taken over by a baby in the new few weeks, so I wanted to remind them that they had a life before baby was born! So I bought a frame online and it arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. When I came to wrap it, I thought I'd test it first and put the memory card in to make sure it all works. Nope. No power to it whatsoever, and it sounded like something had come loose inside and was rattling around.

This was the 23rd December. So a little short notice! I sent Paul out to buy a new frame on Christmas Eve and made arrangements to send this one back.

They will only refund me if they agree that it doesn't work as stated. I understand that, but it really doesn't work and they best not send it back to me saying "it does work, don't know what you're doing wrong...".  So not to give them any reason to blame me for it being damaged in transit from me to them, I put it all in a bigger box (thank you office envelopes!) and filled the gap with packaging from one of the deliveries I had earlier in the week! Perfect!

Barney made this process so easy, as you can imagine!

I got it all packaged up and gave it to Paul to take to the post office tomorrow.

With that I went to bed. Early mornings mean earlier nights as tired. Very tired.



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