Saturday, 15 February 2014

12th February 2014 - If yesterday was bad...

"The older you get the stronger the wind gets - and it's always in your face." - Pablo Picasso

I slept well. It makes such a change! I woke up once in the night but was able to get back to sleep again! I still didn't want to get out of bed when the alarm went off but I was fairly refreshed all day! WHOOP!

The only downside is that I have a nasty stye in my left eyelid (on the inside, no less) from all the crappy no sleep I've been having. And it's bloomin' painful.

Trying to take a picture of your inner eyelid is hard. Believe me! You can just about see the white dot on the left-hand side of my upper eyelid. Ouch.

This was causing me grief all day, but I still was fairly productive. Because I could be!

The downside was the weather. Again. It was gale force winds up here in the North West of the UK (and pretty awful everywhere else, to be fair) and when we left work we got absolutely battered by the wind, which wasn't even going in one direction. It was going in all of them. Plus is was raining. So not only was it impossible to walk in a straight line, you couldn't put your brolly up either. ARGH!

I made it home, somehow, and wasn't too badly wet or windswept (although I probably looked a right mess!) so started to clear up for #Whedonsday.

I also had loads of post, which was as a result of last week's productivity! Inside were cheque books and a new cash card (for an account I don't use any more and forgot I had...oops), and also a letter from the Passport People!

 Eeks. I have to check the form is correct and send it back to them with the FULL RENEWAL FEE (don't get me started, I am not amused) two new pictures (which I hate having done) and my marriage certificate. What a palava. They will give me a nice gratuitous extra 9 months on the new passport to make up for any time that is left. I have 6 years left on my passport. Gee, thanks for your kindness.

I don't understand why there can't be a smaller amendment fee? I know it's all computerised, but I'm happy with my 6 years! I don't need more than that! Urgh.

Anyway, Paul came in and he had bought me some eye drops to try to make me a little more comfortable.

We then awaited the arrival of Chris so we could get the party started.

He walked to our house in the terrible weather. Fool of a Took that he is! He was a little soggy and a little windswept. Ok, rather a lot, now I mention it!

We had some fizzy pop and watched some Buffy (Angel is evil now...whoop!) and ate some Lamb Meatballs followed by Sticky Toffee Pudding and custard. That's how we roll.

Chris's lovely fiancee Ceri had finished work and very kindly offered to come and collect him from ours, even though it is nowhere near where she works, so we had a little chat and they went off on their merry way!

Now for sleep!



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