Monday, 17 February 2014

14th February 2014 - Romance ain't dead!

"If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love." - Maya Angelou 

Really bad sleep. Bored of this now. Both Paul and I were awake at silly o'clock. We were not amused. Getting bored of this bad night sleep malarkey! 

Still, it's Valentine's Day so Paul and I exchanged cards and that was the end of that! We don't do Valentine's Day really.


I love you too, Nathan.

Dragged myself into work and was in a bad mood most of the day. There's a very odd atmosphere in  the office at the minute and we're not overly sure why. It's not welcome. 

Made it to the end of the day and noticed that it was pouring down with rain. Boo. But Paul was there to pick me up! YAY!

We got home and it was time for the end of our self-imposed sobriety! 44 days off the beer and time to get back on it! To be honest, I wasn't that bothered about having a drink, as I think I've got quite used to not drinking, but we said we'd have a drink tonight so we did!

I'm quite proud of myself for making it through that long! To be honest, it was really easy! When we did it 3 years ago, I remember having one night where I found it really tough, but I didn't have any this time! Cutting down is definitely a good thing!

Paul's beer on the left and mine on the right. Maia in the background eating every last morsel of her dindins!

We sat watching telly for a while, then had to go and get ready as we had a reservation at a local restaurant for a nice romantic meal for Valentine's Day...

Yeah, we went for a curry.


It's the first time we've actually been out for dinner on Valentine's Day, so I think actually we may start a new tradition of curry on Valentine's Day! Nothing says 'I love you' more than a naan bread, right? I also learnt at the time of writing this that my bro and sis-in-law also went for a curry as well, so it must be a good thing to do! They even made her a special baby-inducing one, but still no babba. Yet!

The curry place was quiet when we got there but I think it may have been full by the time we left! We brought the party, apparently! 

The food was very good, as ever, and we left nice and full!

I can't remember the name of mine but it was very tomato-ey and had a mushroom omelette on top (which was yummy)! 

Paul left it to the chef to make him a curry! He said what sort of heat he would like it and what meat to put in it, and they came up with this! He really liked it but couldn't finish it because it was a little too hot. He feels he has failed but I think he did well.

We stopped to get some gin on the way home and then headed back for a nice gin and tonic. We watched some of The Losers which was on 5* then headed to bed before I fell asleep on the sofa! Success!


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