Tuesday, 18 February 2014

15th February 2014 - Happy Birthday, Mummy Hartley! :)

Everyone please wish my lovely Mum a happy birthday for today! :)

We woke up very early this morning which is fine as we didn't have to get up! We both managed to get back to sleep and get another hour or so. I love the weekend!

Don't really have much to write about today to be honest! We were very lazy indeed and didn't really do anything! Only a tiny bit of hangover as well, which is good!

There was nothing really on tv so we watched more The Good Wife pretty much all afternoon/evening/night. Over half way through the last series on Netflix now. Will soon be caught up! :)

Maia, Barney and Paul are judging me for being lazy. It's quite scary to turn around and see your two cats and husband watching you...

 Outtake - it almost looks like Barney is sat on Paul's head. Teehee!

We decided to have another naughty night and ordered Chinese takeaway. We had to try somewhere new as our usual takeaway wasn't open. Devastated. IT was ok. Paul and I swapped dishes and were both happier with the outcome so even better!

We then had Aldi Tiramisu for pudding. Which was ok. I think. I don't really remember as I had been drinking fizz all afternoon and was a little merry! ;)

 Paul went to bed but I was still wide awake so I stayed up with the intention of watching one more episode. I ended up watching 3. Why? Because I couldn't move! I was pinned to the sofa BY TWO CATS!

Yes. Two! Maia AND Barney came to snuggle on me! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

 I had to take loads of pictures to document it as I knew Paul wouldn't believe me until he saw it! Plus I wanted to remember such a momentous occasion!

It's shocking not only that I was honoured enough to get a cuddle from little Beep, but also that Maia put up with him being so close for over half an hour!

Eventually she jumped off, and I expected Barney to do the same. Nope - he just cuddled down some more!


I finished watching at around 12:45am! Yikes. Hadn't intended on going to bed that late! I was tempted to sleep on the sofa because of the Barney cuddles but I wasn't tired (or drunk) enough to fall asleep there, so I took myself to bed, trying not to wake the snoring Paul!



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  1. Happy Birthday, Mummy Hartley.

    I'm sure Barney was basking in the 'ha ha I won" :)