Wednesday, 19 February 2014

16th February 2014 - Phantom faces at the window. Phantom shadows on the floor...

It's another lazy Sunday! WHOOP! Although I have loads to do today and very little motivation, what with being up til the early hours of the morning!

I was wide awake at 6am. Not good.

I managed to doze for a while then decided that I needed to be productive today, so got on with some bits and bobs. Paul decided he was in the way, so went downstairs to watch football. Yup. That's how we roll.

I developed a bit of a headache as the day wore on. Nothing I couldn't cope with and paracetamol couldn't help stem. Although it didn't really.

I procrastinated for a while.

I found this monkey on the floor (which is in bad state...I know...I know) which I had been tormenting Barney with on Friday. My parents bought it as a tacky present for Gibraltar a couple of years ago, meaning it to be for the cats, but they've never shown interest. You press it's stomach and it wolf-whistles, stating that it loves you, then giggles hysterically. Looks like Barney wants to be it's friend!

I was singing along with some show tunes while I was being creative, when I noticed that Maia was on the bedroom window. It was a glorious day outside, so the sun was streaming through the blinds. It was creating pretty images on the ceiling!

Such a pretty shadow my Maia has! The pigeons were clearly being very interesting this fine day!

My headache was getting progressively worse and I pretty much gave up on doing anything of any importance for the rest of the day. So I came downstairs to keep Paul company and wait for dinner!

Slow roasted Pork belly with all the trimmings!

 Looks yummy, no? Well, it was. Except that my head was so bad I started to feel sick and couldn't finish it.

Looking back on this now I am absolutely gutted as it looks amazing and it's making my mouth water. Hmph.

Will you make it again soon, Paul? :)

We watched a couple of eps of The Good Wife then went to bed. Sleep is needed.


2013 - Wow. Can't believe this was a year ago! :)

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