Thursday, 20 February 2014

17th February 2014 - Someone needs to be fired.

Not me, before you wonder. I'm a good hard worker!

Really terrible night's sleep. Paul couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. Barney didn't want us to sleep. Not good at all.

Yep - I was like a yawning kitten all day. Except less cute. And not actually allowed to sleep.

My kittens acting like my kittens normally do...Maia barged to one side so Barney can get in, and both watching the ever unobtainable birds.

Our dull as dishwater street must be fascinating to them!

Had to psyche myself up for another week in the office. It's very boring at the moment. Same old same old. Always made worse by it being Monday.

 Thanks, Blondie-bear.

Nothing to report as far as work is concerned. I was tired. I did work. It was yawnsome.

I was very lucky in that Paul was able to pick me up from work and drive me home. I do like having a chauffeur! We had lots to do, including some washing up as I was in no fit state to do it last night.

We realised that we didn't have some of the ingredients for dinner, and by the time Paul had gone out to get them and come back, it was too late to cook it, so we had naughty tea (again) of pizza and picky bits.

On the picky bits, we noted a grammatical error.

Tesco - Taco is singular. Tacos is plural. Rogue apostrophes irritate me. I could let it go on the other side where it's talking about the nutritional value (which there are none for these bits) but on the ingredients? No. bad proof reader. They don't do it on 'Wedges' above, so why on 'Tacos'?

We watched some more The Good Wife then headed to bed, as my head wasn't great and we were both knackered. We had a real early night. Fingers crossed for sleep!



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