Friday, 21 February 2014

18th February 2014 - Groundhog Day

For the record, I don't know if there actually is a Groundhog Day other than the movie, but seriously, today is that day.  Tomorrow will be as well. As was yesterday.

I slept a little better, which is nice. Not amazing, and certainly not 8 hours straight, but I probably got 6 hours straight and I class that as a win!

Then to the office. Where, as stated above, we go back into the time loop. Every day is just like the one before, for those 8 hours. WAA.

Thank you, Tumblr!
So yeah. T and I almost have an unofficial timeline to the day! Down to when the brews are made and lunch is taken. It's always the same old same old on the phone and in the post. I had something new and interesting in the email, however the email was telling me I hadn't done stuff. Which I had. And if they'd taken another 10 seconds to look, they'd see I had. Hmph. I don't like getting told off when I haven't done anything wrong.

Every day is the same. 5 days of the same in one week. 4 weeks of 5 days of the same in a get what I'm saying.

Again, thanks Tumblr

After work, I headed home and decided that instead of sitting and feeling sorry for myself, I'd be productive and do some ironing.

Except the iron didn't want to play ball either.

It wanted Paul's top to be polka-dotted instead. See how it gives me a smiley face at the bottom as well? It's like it's taunting me!

I got a bit done, thank goodness. Paul won't have to go to work topless for the next few days! It was time for usual chicken and chorizo dinner and some more The Good Wife! At least with all our shows on a break at the minute we have some good catch up time with other shows! Only 2 eps left of this season! EEP!

Then another fairly early night was to be had. I had a play with Barney to try to wear him out a little then it's lights out, all out.



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