Saturday, 22 February 2014

19th February 2014 - Foamy.

“12% of people with glasses wear them as an attempt to see better. 88% of people with glasses wear them as an attempt to appear smarter.”  - Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I think I had an ok sleep last night. Which is pretty remarkable really. I think OK is the best I can hope for at the moment!


It got to about 3:50pm when I got a text from bossman T asking me to find him a hotel room in London as otherwise he'd have to sleep in his car tonight. Um, ok? So I set to finding him somewhere to stay. There were no vacancies in the places he wanted, and he vetoed the places I suggested. I eventually found a room in one of the hotels he suggested and I told him the same and the price. He didn't get back to me. I asked him again if he needed it booking as I needed to leave. He came back with 'no thanks'.

He made me run late.

You see, I had an opticians appointment to attend, and I had to walk there, which took 20 minutes. I am so lucky that Paul got home early from a meeting and was able to drive me. I would have been very late had I not had my personal chauffeur.

The appointment went well apart from the lights being shined into my eyes. It made them water and it made my head hurt. Which didn't finish hurting for the rest of the evening. :(

My prescription hasn't changed but I figured I'd get another pair of glasses anyway, as I only got one pair last time, and my other pairs are very old.

Turns out work part-pays for the glasses! SCORE! Plus, it's buy one get one free over a certain price! SECOND SCORE! So I ordered two pairs of glasses with anti-glare coating for less than it would cost for 1 pair at full price! WHOOP!

I can go to collect them a week tomorrow. I'm already excited. Paul helped me pick some frames that are a little different than the ones I usually wear, so that's fun.

We then headed home. Paul started cooking, and I cleared up a little ready for #Whedonsday!

If you insist, Buffy!

Yes, we're back on the foamy goodness tonight and it was awesome! I missed beer. We had some great eps of Buffy to watch as well, plus a nice curry and cheesecake combo for dinner. A successful evening I think!

Then, after it was over, we headed to bed. I needed to rest my sore head and hope that the pain would go away so we could gym in the morning!



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