Tuesday, 4 February 2014

1st February 2014 - This is going to be a good month!

February is going to have loads going on in it! Not for me, really, but for people around me! I can stop my self-imposed sobriety and start drinking again! Birthdays and, more importantly, births! My niece or nephew (still don't know which) is due towards the end of this month and I am getting excited! This can only lead to one thing.


After a nice lazy morning in bed, listening to the radio and drinking tea, it was time to get ourselves into gear and head out into the big wide world!

We had a lunch date with my parents, so got into the car and headed down the motorway to The Midlands.

A surprisingly quiet M6!

It was a fairly uneventful journey with nothing really exciting to speak of.

Welcome to Lichfield! Home of me for 16 years of my life! Which is now only half of it, there or thereabouts. Wow. I've been in Merseyside for AGES!

We got to my parents' house and they were out taking Sophie (their cat) to the  vet as she had hurt her paw. She's fine - just a bit of a temperature. Apparently she was limping but I couldn't see it.

I amused myself by looking at old pictures!

Gormless baby Cagga, sometime mid 1983!

Baby with attitude, again sometime in 1983!

Happy baby, with Mamma! I was a bit cute, right?

Mum holding my cousin Karen, and Karen's Mum, Catherine, holding me!

Me and Karen!

Mum and Dad's house is moving. Which sounds a bit daft, but it's slowly falling apart! Every time I go the cracks in the walls get bigger. They've had a bloke out to see it, so it's just a case of seeing how fast it's moving and what can be done about it.

The bare brick bit is part of the extension. We had that underpinned when I was still in primary school. The extension is not going anywhere! The rest of the house, however, is now moving away from it!

It's like a map of the Thames or something! I put my hand in it so you can see quite how big the crack is!

The chimney breast. Not good. Plus spy the hideous graduation photo of me. Yuck. I think it's best hidden.

They probably won't be too impressed that I put these pictures up. But I need to know I can find them again, so at least here I will know where they are! Just don't tell them, ok?

While we were waiting for Mum and Dad to come back with Sophie, we tried to entertain Chuckles.

He was spooked by something and didn't want to be our friend. Oh well. He's still handsome. The freckle on his nose gets me every time!

I also found these while bored and looking at the various brick a brack hanging round my parents' house!

All our details! For the only time in my life I was taller than my brother! He's got a goof few inches on me now!

We went for lunch at the Creperie where we have been before many times. The weather was too nasty to look at all the shops, so we came home for a brew. We then headed over to my brother and sis-in-law's for dinner. Mum and Dad would be joining us later.

Annabel was out having afternoon tea with some of her friends, so we caught up with my bro and played with their two cats Boris and Bellatrix!

Annabel came back and we talked babies and looked at the nursery which we helped paint back in October. Again, I forgot to take 'after' pictures, but it looks good! Except for the giraffe pictures they want to put on the walls. Might have to object to those.

Mum and Dad came over and we all chatted for a bit, then had a nice curry that my brother made. I also got a pic of the baby bump for people to analyse and state what Annabel is having.

What do you reckon? Boy or girl? You have 50% chance of being right! It had the hiccups while we were visiting, but I can't wait to meet him or her! A few weeks to go! EEK!

We took Mum and Dad back home and then headed back ourselves. We also picked up my cleaned wedding dress, but I might save a picture of that for later in the week when I have nothing exciting to talk about. :)

We got home quite late, fed the kittens and came straight to bed. Another busy day tomorrow!



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