Monday, 24 February 2014

21st February 2014 - Happy due date, Ambel!

My niece or nephew is due to be born today! But as per pretty much every due date ever, (s)he won't arrive today. But I can still hope. COME ON, BABY! :)

We had a pretty poor night's sleep. When the alarm went off for the gym, I was pretty sure I was going to fall back to sleep if I didn't get up. I let it snooze once and fell asleep. As soon as it went off again I had to get up otherwise I would go back to dreamland!

We did gym and I did some weights. I can feel the aching starting from yesterday in the gym so it's going to be an ouchy weekend!

Paul was working from home today, so I had first shower then procrastinated about going into the office! I tried to give Barney a cuddle but he was having none of it.

You may not stroke me, Mama. Leave me ALONE.

There might have been teeth after this!

Nothing exciting in work. As ever. Very busy day and we cracked on with it. The first hour was SO SLOW. Then the rest of the day was slightly quicker. But only slightly. :(

Thankfully, the end of the day came and I was able to head home. I sat and had a beer and we tried to decide what to watch.

I was in the mood for a bit of action, but not straight away as it was too early. So I gave the remote to Paul. He chose Ghostbusters.


Always enjoyable!

After that, we had to see what was suggested by Netflix. Paul wasn't paying attention, so I decided to watch a favourite of mine from back in the day - The Addams Family!

Harmless entertainment!

Neither of us could decide what to watch after that so we finished The Good Wife! We just need to see when the new series is showing over here so we have another show to keep up with! :)

We also had a nice glass of wine, or two, while we enjoyed our retro movies!

We had a case of this a couple of years ago! It was good so we ordered some for Christmas and got around to having one tonight! :)

We didn't have an overly late night. But it was a nice night!



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