Tuesday, 25 February 2014

22nd February 2014 - Just chillin'

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! - Elton John. :)

Still no niece or nephew. :(

Lazy morning. Not a bad sleep. Not an amazing one! The joy of Saturday is that we didn't have to get up today so could doze as long as we liked!

I was feeling pretty miserable this morning to be honest. Not sure why. Just not particularly perky. I contemplated lots of things that might cheer me up. I'm thinking I might go to college or night school and get a new hobby, maybe? Paul is very supportive, especially when I suggested I could do sports massage! I'd have a willing volunteer!

I was going to look into courses and got my laptop, but instead of finding my mouse, I found this...

I think she ate it. My cat on a mouse mat. This tickled me! :)

I was still feeling miserable, so I coccooned myself in the bedroom, thinking I'd do some more card making, but that wasn't working. I needed to go to my happy place. Unfortunately, the remote control for the tv in our bedroom stopped working, and we couldn't switch it on. We did some research, called the company who makes the brand of tv and they are sending us a new remote free of charge! SCORE! While looking for the model and serial number of the tv, we also found a hidden switch which could be used to turn on the tv, change the mode etc...so we've been sitting, wallowing that we haven't had a working tv in our room for ages, when there's been a hidden button there all the time. We're dumbasses.

Paul watched the football downstairs, and I decided to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on blu ray. But instead of watching the films, I thought I'd totally nerd out and watch the Appendices which have all the making-ofs etc. I loved the ones for The Lord of the Rings, so why not?! Two discs of nerdy stuff! I got through the first disc and it really did help me cheer up a little! I did also get teary when they were in Hobbiton and played 'Concerning Hobbits' from LotR...the string quartet who played at our wedding ceremony played this while we were signing the register and was the reason we hired them! I'm a sap!

Paul also wanted to cheer me up, so brought me a naughty treat!

 We finally had some Dino prosecco!

Let's pretend that they named it after him. :)

I eventually came downstairs for dinner (steak) and we watched some Justified. Paul went to bed quite early (he has to run tomorrow), so I stayed up and watched more Veronica Mars as I wasn't tired, until it got to about 11:30pm and it really was bed time!



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  1. maybe it isn't a mouse pad.. maybe it is a cat pad.. or it is now..