Friday, 28 February 2014

24th February 2014 - Still not an Auntie...

3 days post-due date and my niece/nephew hasn't arrived. Boo, unborn child. Auntie Whiney is not amused...neither is Mummy or Daddy...but AUNTIE WHINEY AND UNCLE DINO!

We got up and went to the gym and did the gym thing. It was all very blah. And quite quiet.

Then, to work. Paul had a study day at home so at least I got a lift! That's always nice!

T was late in this morning, so I had our room to myself. On went the radio! I do like having some background music!

When T came in, about 10:30am, she couldn't actually do any work!

Gif from Tumblr. Thank you. :)
This was T's reaction. I was a bit more of a willing participant in this game so I gave her my licence so she could get on with the work. Mostly as I had 5 files of papers to collate, organise and review. Fascinating.

From there, the day went pretty long to be honest. As Monday always does. I was looking forward to coming home, but only because it's not the office.

I had a hot date with a friend of mine.

So romantic!

The pile of ironing isn't getting any smaller and there is loads more washing to do, so I had to bite the bullet and get some done. I did a couple of hours-worth while Paul did some cooking for Wednesday night, and then he made our dinner!

Yeppers - fake Nand0s! :)

Delish. It was fabulous.

We watched the newest ep of Castle and the end of an episode of Arrow, then went to do a few chores before bed. I put washing out to dry and Paul washed up. He also decided to give the cat water fountain a clean. Except when he put it back together, it didn't work. I think the pump has gone. HMPH. Silly Cat Mate machine. Have read reviews that have said that the pumps are a bit naff. Sort it out.

Then bed.



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