Wednesday, 5 February 2014

2nd February 2014 - 恭禧發財 (Gong Hey Fat Choy!)

“For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice.” - T.S. Elliot.

There wasn't nearly as much sleep had as I would have liked. Not just because Barney liked using me as a trampoline at silly o'clock, but Paul had to be up early to go and run 10 miles (crazy so and so) with his friend I, thus meaning I was awake too. Waaaa!

It took Paul a little longer than he had hoped to run it, but run it he did! He had to get ready in a hurry as we had an appointment with a dragon!

That wasn't me being mean, we were off to Manchester for Chinese New Year celebrations!

My cousin Adam loves Chinese New Year, and the dancing lions in particular, and he goes with my cousin Karen to watch the celebrations in one city or another. They've been to Manchester for the last couple of years and this year we decided to join them! Well, why not?!

Lucky for us it was a cold but dry day, thank goodness!

The dragon!

After the dragon paraded and they let off some firecrackers (more on those later), and then a big bunch of red balloons were set off into the sky!

Adam's favourite part of the celebrations, as I have previously mentioned, is the lion dance. So we abandoned the dragon and followed the lion! The lion goes into various restaurants and businesses to bring them good fortune in the coming year. Manchester was packed, so we were following them around for some time, trying to get a better view!

Outside some of the businesses (and I don't know why!) they set off a large tower of firecrackers! We couldn't really see them from where we were some of the time but you couldn't miss the sound of them! Or, apparently, the smell!

This isn't a photo of some random dude on purpose! It's the arch! At least the lady in the woolly scarf had the decency to smile...

 This is the tower which holds the fire crackers. We were determined to get a good spot this time!

 Here's the lovely Adam demonstrating his usual pose during the firecrackers! He loves to watch them but he doesn't like the loud noise!

I took video but blogger is being an a$$ and won't let me upload it. Will work on an alternative. Bear with me while I upload to YouTube.

I've never uploaded to YouTube before. Hope it works ok!

We stayed in Manchester for about 3 hours, following the dragon, but we were all ice cold by this point! While Adam would have liked to have stayed longer, we all agreed to call it a day.

 We got back home, frozen to the core! Paul and I were both shattered so we rested for a few hours before having a cheeky dinner of fake Nand0s and watching last week's Arrow. Then a nice early night before the start of the working week. Sigh. I hate Monday!



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