Sunday, 2 February 2014

30th January 2014 - OCD and Treaty time!

"This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays..." - Douglas Adams

A fairly blah night's sleep and up night and early for the gym. Which is most excellent. Although my chest hurt. So after the leg challenge, 10 minutes on the cross trainer was difficult. 5 minutes on the rower was even more difficult. 5 minutes on the bike was really difficult. So that was that. Not good. But at least I was able to do that much!

Work happened, and was work. Nothing particularly exciting to report. We noticed A's OCD though. Which is weird.

A doesn't like it when the hole for the treasury tag is in the wrong place, so will re-punch the file-copy letter so it's exactly where he wants it to be. Even if that place is a couple of milimeters higher than the original hole.


Much hilarity ensued between T and I, as it's usually T's letters that get this treatment! I think I've figured out how he measures the perfect hole spot, but I'm not certain!

After a long day, I headed home to crack on with the pile of ironing that's growing in size. I decided to watch some more Veronica Mars while I ironed and the time flew!

We had dinner of Spanish chicken and chorizo bake and watched this week's How I Met Your Mother. Or should I say How Your Mother Met Me! It was good!

I was pretty shattered so headed up to bed and provided the usual hairball treats for the babies.

Barney didn't trust what I was going to feed him.

 He came to get it anyway! This is how we do treaty time in this house! I tried to get a video so hopefully it works!

Maia does it as well, to a certain extent. I videoed her on Instagram and it should be below.

Paul read for a while and I tried not to fall asleep too early. I might have failed. I can't remember.



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