Monday, 3 February 2014

31st January 2014 - Bakey Cakey!

TFI FRIDAY! Not only is it the last day of the week, it's the last day of the month and therefore payday! WHOOP!

Another disturbed sleep (Barney likes his stomping) but we still got up to gym. Wish we could lie in this weekend but alas.

I did a quick warm up and then did some dynamic weights with Paul. Sure that will come back to bite me in the ass. Ah well.

Went to work as ever, and encountered a few problems with our mail. Instead of letting me go to the sorting office to kick some backside, A insisted I call them first. Yeah. Ok. If you can sort things out with automated telephone lines. Oh wait, you can't. They just tell you how to pay them. So I said I was actually going to go and sort it out because the only way I will know what's going on is by confronting them. He wasn't amused. I didn't care. I went out in the rain to sort it all out.

Turns out our head office hadn't renewed an account and therefore our licence is invalid, so we were getting a lot of our post for free. So I toddled back to the office, satisfied with the answer, told the people responsible to look into it...and didn't even get an acknowledgement email back from them. Oh well, if they don't sort it, it's their money we're having to use to obtain our post, so no skin off my nose if it's costing them a fortune on top of what they already pay. Just a nice email to say "we'll look into it, thanks" would have been nice.

Ah well.

It was a long rest of the day then. I hate working with grumpy people. It's my job to be grumpy. That's what's in my job description.

Paul was working away today so was going to be late home, so I chilled out in front of the tv when I got home, watching more Veronica Mars and being genuinely happy that the working week was over for a couple of days.

When Paul got back we had dinner, watched Community, then I had a job to do! While Paul started Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, I decided to bake a cake! Specifically, a lemon drizzle cake for Annabel and baby bump!

Ingredients at the ready and away we go!

Yes, that is Hartley's lemon curd. I'm making it for a Hartley. It had to be done!

So you put all the cake ingredients into one bowl, and cut up the butter quite small so it mixes in better...

That's quite a lot of butter isn't it?

Goo. :)

You mix it all together with a wooden spoon til it turns into lumpy batter, then whizz it together with an electric whisk to get some air into it and to chop up all the butter a bit better. Then it goes into the loaf tin.

Lumpy lemony goodness.

It gets baked for 40-45 minutes, during which time you prepare the sugar and lemon juice drizzle. That gets poured on top while the cake is still hot and voila!

You need to keep the pips in. It adds a certain quality to the cake!

I haven't made this for a couple of years and forgot how easy it is. I'm a bit gutted I only made one!

Once the cake was finished we went to bed. Long day tomorrow.