Friday, 7 February 2014

4th February 2013 - ZzzzzZzzZzzzzzz

The human trampoline. That is me.

Another pretty poor night's sleep. Barney wanted attention and he wasn't backward in coming forwards about it!

Somehow, and I really don't know how, I managed to get up and go to the gym with Paul. I really don't know where that energy came from but it must have appeared somewhere because I managed to do a small work out!

Having said that, the temptation to stay at home was almost overwhelming.

At this moment, I was trying to put my trainer on when she decided she wanted to sit on my knee, purring her little face off. She did not want to move for love nor treaties. It would have been cruel to move her, right? She did get up but only when Barney jumped on the bed!

I came home and was meant to do some chores but I can't say I did anything interesting. I sorted a load of washing out and put it out to dry with the view to doing some ironing tonight after work.

I got to the office and was going about my daily business when Bossman T decided to ask me to do a very mundane task (count up his expenses for last year) and then told me I had done no work on his database last week. I bed to differ. I did loads of work on it but apparently it wasn't on his email of all that had been done. NMP, mate. I know I did stuff so I didn't let it bother me.

T was a bit annoyed by the way Bossman T was talking to me, and so was Paul when I told him but I just let it wash over me. And then decided to make a list of everything that I do from now on so next time he grumbles I have evidence!

After work I came home and decided to set to with the ironing because we have to do these things. Which was a comedy of errors as I spilt water everywhere, knocked the iron over, broke the laptop mouse...I got soaked and was cranky.

I stopped when it was time for dinner and we watched last night's How I Met Your Mother which was a good ep. It came time for bed all too soon.

DEPRIVED OF SLEEP! Ear plugs at the ready!



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