Saturday, 8 February 2014

5th February 2014 - Groundhog Day

The road goes on, ever ever on.

That's what it feels like at the moment! Even on a Wednesday when we can have a lie in, Paul got up early as he had to go on his travels with work. Which meant I was awake far earlier than I would have liked. Still, needs must and all that.

I tried something new this morning, though. I tried ignoring Barney and his stomping. He came pawing at me for attention and I rolled over, eventually rolling onto my stomach. He did not like this so he walked all up and down my back. FREE MASSAGE! WOOHOO! I need to do this more often! If he's going to wake me up at silly o'clock every day, the least he could do is massage me too! :)

I pottered around and did some clearing up for #Whedonsday later on. Which meant moving the box that contains my wedding dress out the way. Which means you get pictures of it today! Yep - that desperate time has come!

I'd give props to the company that did it, but my Mum organised it, so I don't know who they are!

It looks good, right? I need to try to shuffle it around a little as I'd like the skirt (that's the fluffy stuff around the edges) to cover the top bit of cardboard that's showing, and also a couple of the sequins have turned around so they need to try to be moved. But I'm pleased with it! Just got to find a place to put it!

Then came work. Ah, work. Which was exactly the same as yesterday. It was so dull, I felt like I needed to think of something to make the day more interesting! I couldn't think of anything, though.

Taken from Tumblr. Not sure where. Sorry.

This. This would have been more interesting than the day I had!

On the plus side, at least when I got home I had #Whedonsday to look forward to. However Paul was running very late and so we couldn't have the exciting bangers and mash we had planned because he didn't have time to get to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients and get home to cook them at a reasonable hour. So we had to eat tomorrow night's dinner instead. Far healthier. Boo.

The evening's entertainment was good also.

More tumblr thievery.

 Yes, Joss. Yes it is.

We watched 3 eps of Buffy and most of the latest SHIELD, however our internet was being a big loser and kept cutting out, so we couldn't finish it. Boo, I tells ya.

After the excitement of #Whedonsday was over, we headed up to bed as we were both tired by this point. Rock n ROLL!



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