Sunday, 9 February 2014

6th February 2014 - Tails

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way." - Mark Twain

Not a great sleep. I had put ear plugs in but they got lost somewhere along the way. As in, I took them out in my sleep, held them in my hand and they fell out of my hand! Nevermind.

I ignored Barney again and got a little massage. Thank you!

We got up and went to the gym but I don't think either of us really felt it. Time for some time off the gym I think as it's starting to hurt and not in a good way.

I had a really productive morning - I sorted some washing, cleaned out the cat litter trays (which prompted me to have to scoop less than half an hour later...TMI?!) and sorted out some stuff which I had been procrastinating over.

Of course I had to referee the growling match that was going on by the window...

 Please note Maia's floofy tail there. Barney can't just jump on the other side. It has to be the side where there isn't a lot of room and thus pushes Maia along the window. She growls. Loudly. A lot.

Speaking of Maia, first thing in a morning, once it gets past about 7:30am, she starts getting very demanding for her breakfast. If you look as though you're about to stand up, she goes running to her bowl. If you have the audacity to be in the kitchen and not feeding her, she 'grumps'. Which means she stamps her feet and makes a noise not dis-similar to Marge Simpson's annoyed 'mmm' sound.

Yep - that's my girl!

Work was...same old same old. I had a productive morning, which lead to me having a productive lunch time! I FINALLY got around to changing my name at the bank! Only 5 months after the wedding! I figure that's plenty of time for people (including me) to get used to my name change! I had to sign in my old signature and my new one...yeah...I have already forgotten how to do my old one! That's good, right?

I also started the ball rolling with payroll to get my name changed there, and sent off for an application for my passport. I was hoping not to do that but my tickets for holiday this year have been booked in my married name. That's £80 I could do without spending. Such a rip off to have to pay for a whole new passport just to change a Miss to a Mrs and a surname! I have 6 years left on it and they will give me 9 months to make up that time. Gee, thanks. At least charge something like £30 admin fee or something, and don't give me extra time but no. No amendments. Full price only.

Plus I have to get passport pictures taken. Which is a whole other thing that I hate doing. No smiling. No glasses. I always look like a convict. Meh.

The afternoon was a bit of blah after that. Nothing exciting happened. Went through the motions of the rest of the day. Was proud of my few hours of productivity both at work and at home! Go me!

After work I went home and chilled out a little. I was on the phone to my Mum and Dad when someone knocked at the door. I HATE answering the door if I'm not expecting anyone. I usually make Paul do it. Anyway, I answered and it was a company trying to insulate my loft. Government grants blah blah. To cut a long story short I stated that my husband deals with all that sort of thing and he would need to speak to Paul, who is still at work until late.

He would come back later. He did. Paul told him to do one.

This is the same company that took advantage of my pre-wedding vulnerability and got me to sign up because I was too stressed and polite to say no. Paul came back, got me to sign the 'I've changed my mind' form and ran after the guy. GET THE MESSAGE.

I know we should get it done, but our loft is full to the brim at the minute and we wouldn't be able to use it, as the insulation would be higher than the beams up there so we wouldn't be able to put any boards down thus rendering our much needed storage space (this is a VERY small house) useless. It's not like it's completely uninsulated! Dad and I put some down a few years ago. Prior to me moving in there was nothing.

Job on the to do list for the year - tidy loft.

We had spicy chicken wings for dinner and watched this week's Arrow, and the rest of Shield from last night. We didn't stay up much later as we were both exhausted.

Barney was cute though, so there's a bonus!

 It's the tail curling under the post that gets me!


2012 - Another passport post! You can't make this up!

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