Tuesday, 11 February 2014

8th February 2014 - Happy Birthday Maia!

Maia was approximately 6 months old when I collected her on the 8th August 2006. Which means if we are going to celebrate any day as her birthday, it's today! YAY! HAPPY 8th birthday, Moo!

We had a short lie in this morning but Maia was demanding to be fed from silly o'clock so it made sleep very difficult. She's certainly getting grumpy in her old age. Much like her mother! :)

(I hope the above video, taken from YouTube works. It's pretty much the impression I was doing all morning!)

My bro and sister-in-law were coming up to Liverpool today for a wedding, and we'd given them the option to pop in to get changed etc (considering how pregnant Ambel is) on their way, but they didn't come. So we could have tried to sleep for longer. Oh well. We weren't to know!

Paul had work to do today and I had to keep going on our thank you cards because I'm a bad person and haven't done them yet! Bad Cagga!

Maia helped, though!

If helping is standing on the paper I've just written on. Maybe she was making sure I'd folded them properly?

I also noticed, while working, that I have evidence of the stomping and general attacks that I am subjected to at night!

Our nice new bedding that we got for our wedding...now with cat-claw art. Hmph.


So it turns out that I cannot write any more. My hands hurt after writing for more than a minute. How I used to do exams for hours is beyond me! It feels like my hand had swollen and the joints are aching from writing niceties to people!

Must be arthritis setting in. ;) 30 going on 90!

Twenty-odd thank you passages will do that to you, I suppose! They took me all day! I'm not even close to finishing them! Still, that's what tomorrow is for, I suppose!

I was getting a bit bored upstairs on my own while Paul was working downstairs so I came down to join him. We watched some more The Good Wife (as we have loads to go before we're caught up and can watch on telly instead of Netflix), had chicken, ham and mushroom risotto and eventually went to bed. A very dull day all in all really!




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    1. She said 'purr' and rolled onto her back...then started attacking the scratching post. I think that's cat for 'thank you'... :)