Monday, 31 March 2014

26th March 2014 - It's all a bit purple

Ah, Wednesday! Wednesday is here. Which means another lie in! YAY!

So my toe hurts. Quite a lot. :(

 Nice and swollen and a little bit purple. Stupid drawer.

Work was BORING. Busy and dull and blah. I think the most exciting part of my day was the Sri Lankan chicken soup I had at lunch time. It's nice!

#Whedonsday was called off this week as Chris was going to the Liverpool match with his family, which is a shame but we'll let him off as his Nan was going with him and she's ace!

Paul had lots of work to do this evening so I decided to finish all the ironing! I finally have an empty basket! Well, that's not true, as it is pretty much always full of Barney. I almost feel like buying another one so he can keep his favourite bed and I also have somewhere to put the ironing, however he'd probably pick the one with the ironing in it, because he's an awkward so and so! :)

Paul and I had dinner, watched Castle and How I Met Your Mother (can't believe it's finishing next week!) and chilled for a while.

Not the most exciting of days to tell you about I guess. Sorry.



Sunday, 30 March 2014

25th March 2014 - I think this is my unlucky day!

We were naughty and had another lie in today! OOPS. Well...why not?!

While getting ready for work this morning, I was trying to get something out of the back of the drawer. I pulled the drawer out a little too far and it fell out onto my toe. Ouch. I put a protective pad on it and pretty much ignored it for the rest of the day. More on that later.

Work was same old busy day. Nothing exciting to report there, as you can imagine!

Paul was at the football this evening, so I was on my own! I decided that I would do more ironing as the pile keeps getting taller and taller and never ends! Actually, there wasn't that much to do, so I knuckled down and got on with it.

Barney wasn't pleased about my lack of paying him attention though, so did the best thing possible to make me notice him.

Yep. The ironing is apparently the best bed for a Barney! I had to put that towel over the clothes every time I got an item out, as he'd just jump straight back in! Paul's shirts were getting covered in fur! He does love that basket though!

I ate the leftover pizza from Sunday night for my dinner and when my back started to stiffen up, I packed in the ironing for the evening. Plus my toe was hurting. So I decided to investigate.

That's a nice large graze and a bit of bruising. I also apologise for my rotten non-manicured toe nails. They don't look that bad in real life!

It's a bit ouchy. I can't bend it. It's swollen too. Well done, me.

I went to bed around 10pm and slept for a little while until Paul came in. I then pretty much ignored him and went back to sleep while he wound down. Sorry, honey.


2013 - More ouchies. See why I think it's a bad day for me?!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

24th March 2014 - Will give this a title if I ever think of one...

Yay! It's Monday! Gosh, I love Mondays! They're the best day of the week! Said no one. Ever.

Due to Paul's little jog yesterday, we decided to have a morning off the gym so his bones could recover! Anything for a lie in! :)

Then, to work! I have loads to do, once again. Boring things but they have to be done all the same!

The highlight of my day - I found these!

I've had these post it notes for years! I think I may have been given them for my 21st birthday or something daft like that! I had thought I'd lost them or someone had robbed them, but no! They were at the bottom of a drawer full of miscellaneous crap I'd accumulated! WINNER! Certainly makes leaving notes for myself far more pleasing on the eye!

After work I headed home to do a bit of a clear up after being lazy yesterday, celebrating Paul's record time! We watched some TV, ate the rest of the pasta from Saturday night and then headed to bed early as we were both exhausted! Even though we'd had lots of sleep last night! At least Paul had an excuse! I didn't!



Friday, 28 March 2014

23rd March 2014 - RUN LIKE THE WIND!

An early start this morning for Paul and I. It's all his fault. He decided it would be fun to run in a half marathon. Me...not so I didn't. Yet I went along to cheer him on anyway!

The Liverpool half marathon takes you round some of the sights of the city and then back down to the dock. It also started at 9am so we had to be there earlier than that. Which meant Paul getting up at 6:30am to eat. I waited half an hour then showered etc.

Paul left to go get warmed up and to his place in line. I wanted to see him start so headed to the start line. The gig was being started by Liverpool Football Club manager Brendn R0gers (don't want people searching for him to stumble on this blog!) who was supposed to run but didn't for some reason. His teeth were probably being whitened or something. But anyway, he cheered people on as they got on their merry way.

While I wasn't able to get a picture of Paul starting, I did take a picture of Brendan clapping and cheering him on. Which Paul did not appreciate!

Now, what to do? It's 9:15am. The shops don't open until 10:30am at the earliest. Paul wants to have finished at 11am at the latest. So I did what any normal person would and went for breakfast. Alone.

I sat in our usual cafe and had a bacon sandwich. It was PACKED. I was lucky to be able to get a Sad Lonely Bastard (SLB) table for 1! I sat and read a couple of chapters of The Hobbit, while clearly being mocked by the two hungover chaps behind me, then gave up and enjoyed my cuppa! I felt the need to leave straight away though as the cafe was just so busy!

I then called my Mum as I headed back towards the finish line as there was nothing else really to do!

My view, just before the finish. Doesn't it look like a lovely day? Yeah - the wind was horrible! Sunny but windy all in one go!

He did it, anyway! 1 hour 50 minutes and 16 seconds! A personal best by over 10 minutes! Next time (in May) he wants to get 1 hour 45 minutes. I will cheer him on then as well!

After I met up with him we went for a beer or two with his friends who also did the run. They deserved a pint I think!

We then headed home, via the beer shop, for an afternoon of relaxation!

This was my treat. Some Black Country craft beer! As I grew up near the black country, I felt it was necessary to try my old 'local' brewery!

Eventually the best time of day rolled round and we ordered some yumminess to really treat Paul!

Mmmm, American Pizza Slice.

Now, I realise that this place may be stereotyping somewhat, but they pride themselves on giant slices of pizza. So you group them together to make a whole pizza! Different flavours and everything!

Paul's hand - just to show the size of said pizza!

It was goooooooood!

The Marathon man (half marathon...but whatevs!) chows down! He polished off his half. I only managed half my half so yay! Leftovers for me!

A Caroline-sized bite out of the large pizza slice!

We watched a few films as we wiled away the time! We watched the last Harry Potter movie, which we could hardly see as it's so dark and the living room is so light! Then Thor, because...we could! Then The Losers! A good day's entertainment I think!

After a couple of celebratory bottles of Prosecco (any excuse!) I was getting sleepy so headed to bed! At some time ridiculous like 8:30pm! I'M NOT ASHAMED!



Thursday, 27 March 2014

22nd March 2014 - Roly-poly gal!

"Your body tells you what it needs, and if you sleep past your alarm on a Saturday morning, it's probably because you need the sleep." - Sophia Bush

Yeah, seriously Sophia, unless you have something to do on a Saturday morning, why would you be setting an alarm? Or do most people set an alarm for a morning when there's nothing to do?

*cue segway* this morning we did have stuff to do! But not straight away. So we managed to have a bit of a lie in, which was much appreciated after the last few weeks of actually having things to do! 

When we finally decided to get up, we headed to the village. Paul started the food shopping, and I had to go put some money in the building society before the end of the financial year (or I lose my formerly good interest rate and it goes to an equally poor one). Seriously, low interest rates are good for my mortgage but bad for my future. Not happy. While I was in there, they stated that my account book hadn't been signed (it's a replacement) so I had to do it. But it's in my maiden name. They needed something else that had my signature on (passport) so I had to sign in my maiden name. Cue brief moment of panic when I couldn't remember how to do it! It's only been 6 months!

I then met up with Paul and we did the rest of the shopping and tried to entertain ourselves as best we could with a thankless task like that!

Yes, it's a sweet potato with a face in it. We were tickled. I don't think we bought him though. We wanted to amuse other shoppers too!

From there we popped to Co-op to collect a delivery which I'd been waiting for. Barney's coughing isn't good so it was time to get tough.

We bought a Furminator!

He's not a big fan. He never has been a fan of the brush, even in his most relaxed state, so this wasn't going to be easy! Even the smallest of strokes before he ran away got a lot of fur out from his coat. He does groom a lot, so hopefully we can do a bit at a time and help him a little.

Maia, on the other hand, loved it! The vet told us when we were there last time that it looked like she needed a bit of help with the grooming, as she had a lot of loose fur. He was right. She does. She purred away while I was brushing her and got a load of fur. I rubbed it all together into a ball, so it didn't shed everywhere and it became the best toy ever! I've read about that happening in kitty blogs but you have to see it to believe it!

We had a lazy afternoon, watching some dvds and then Paul watched the football. I joined him downstairs to watch some more tv and ate chicken pasta & vegetable bake. Very nice too.

Maia was doing some of her usual gymnastics and being utterly adorable while we sat!

I LOVE THAT LITTLE FACE! Upside down Maia always makes me smile! She seems so proud of herself when she does a forward roll or two! That cat tree has definitely brought out a more mischievous side of her!

After dinner, we watched a show about the creation of the Universe which Paul had recorded. I had no idea what was going on, to be honest! I was getting tired! So I took myself off to bed, and Paul wasn't far after me.



Wednesday, 26 March 2014

21st March 2014 - Doing our bit

We've made it to Friday already! Go us! I'm proud of us all!

I'm currently still having technical difficulties putting pictures on here right now - the upload screen crashes. Not impressed. I'll keep trying though.

We got up and went to the gym like good people! Paul did a light jog and I did arm weights. We were a little later leaving than usual but glad we went.

Another busy day in the office, sorting files and generally doing admin work. It's a good job I don't mind the admin work! Very productive indeed, although a very long day!

After work I headed home and decided that I needed to vegetate in front of mindless tv. So I caught up with Vampire Diaries! When Paul came in, he watched some with me, but as he doesn't and never has watched the show, he had no idea what is going on so I had to explain it. And the explanation makes the show sound utterly ridiculous. Which is probably why it's a guilty pleasure, I guess!

Paul went and got us dinner and we vegetated in front of the television for the rest of the evening. We watched last night's Community and then Sport Relief. David Beckham in 'Only Fools and Horses' is a winner in my book. :)

I did my bit and donated to the cause. I can't watch the videos of people suffering and sit and do nothing. Which is the point, I suppose.

We went to bed around midnight. Crazy late stop-ups, aren't we?!



Tuesday, 25 March 2014

20th March 2014 - Blahsday

The alarm went for the gym. I immediately turned it off. Not. A. Chance.

Very little sleep was had and I was determined to get every minute I could of it! I did have a bit of The Guilt, but we'll go tomorrow. No excuses.

The day was busy and a bit blah to be honest. But this pic appeared on my Tumblr so I took it especially for you guys!

Yes. That it is!

People didn't annoy me that much today! That's a success I feel! There were a few niggly emails but not enough for me to throw anything...much to T's relief!

Today was a whole lot of nothing, as previously stated.

I did take a picture of my very own for today but for some reason Blogger doesn't want to upload any pictures at the moment. Which is making a 'photo a day' blog rather difficult. I'll keep trying. It's not that interesting though, so don't be thinking it will win any awards!

After work I headed home and we had dinner and watched tv. New season of Continuum has just begun and it looks as though it's going to be good! We also watched Arrow, which was also good. Nothing realistic at all!

Then a fairly early night!



Monday, 24 March 2014

19th March 2014 - Check yourself(ie)

So I wake up to a new phenomenon taking over Facebook today. People are taking selfies when wearing no make up for cancer awareness. Then people started donating via a text link to Cancer Research when they did it.

Yes, a good cause, but no selfie from me. So I just donated instead. Don't need to blind the world with make up free me as a reason to do it!

The best picture to put on facebook would be one of how to actually check yourself for breast cancer, something that can be detected. So here's my contribution.

Taken from 

Yes, there are cartoon nipples on my blog. Deal with it. Check yourself, folks.

The day went long. I was still quite cranky because of yesterday's antics by certain people. Especially when the emails containing ridiculous requests kept coming my way. DO IT YOURSELF. In the time it took to email the request to me, it could have been done. Seriously. Urgh.

Ah well.

Home I went to prepare for #Whedonsday! Except we didn't really Whedon it up this week. We watched some Veronica Mars (shhh, don't tell Ceri) and ate chilli, which Paul made yesterday!

Mmmm...see - I did it with an without cheese. I'm quite proud of my presentation! You impressed at how I decorated your cuisine, Paul?

We watched some season 3 of Veronica Mars as stated, and were entertained by Barney doing gymnastic leaps from the pouf onto the cat tree making it bend in ways it probably shouldn't!

He also got acquainted with the top level of the cat tree, which is a bit unstable for his portly behind!

He sure knows how to relax, that one!

So do I, for that matter!

Chris left quite early and that brought this week's #Whedonsday to a close, sadly.

I then headed to bed to sort some paperwork out and watched the commentary to the pilot episode of Lost. It's been 10 years this year since it aired! MADNESS! I think it's at the front of people's minds as well with the missing aeroplane all over the news. I do hope they find out what has happened to it sooner rather than later. Give the families of those involved some closure. Although that won't be the case will it? All the investigations as to why it went off course etc...not good times.

So I fell asleep during the commentary, woke to switch it off and snuggled back down again. Then I woke up when Paul got in at about 11ish. Then when he came to bed a little later. Then constantly through the night.

Great. Just perfect.



Sunday, 23 March 2014

18th March 2014 - Sadness and Happiness

Can't believe it's been 2 years since my wonderful Grandad passed away. We still miss you so much. :(

Photograph borrowed from my Uncle. We're very proud of his war medals.
I had another pretty bad sleep but instead of being a wimp, I got over it and went to the gym with Paul. He did a light jog and I did a kinetic circuit, which meant I still worked out but didn't have to put as much effort into it as cardio. Excellent!

Then home to get ready for work. Then work. Which was much the same as yesterday. Nothing exciting to report there. Far from it. I had a horrible day, being asked to do things that other people couldn't be bothered to do, basically! WHY DO I WORK WITH LAZY PEOPLE?! Am I just the schmuck that they know will do it so it all gets put on me? Probably. I don't think that's very fair though. Urgh.

I was cheered up when I got home by a lovely new picture of my totally gorgeous nephew, Teddy!

Photo taken from the photographer (Little Poppitt Photography)'s facebook page. Her website is here.
Photo not my own. Sadly.

He is just the cutest! Annabel only had the pictures done yesterday! Not even 3 weeks old and I think a wonderful model! Such wonderful pictures by the photographer! I hope Annabel lets me see them all!

I had a nark on and bashed some pots and pans around the sink when Paul came home.

I had a gin and tonic to calm down, and we had dinner, watched Castle and How I Met Your Mother, then had an early night again. I'm really crap, aren't I?!



Saturday, 22 March 2014

17th March 2014 - I'm gonna shoooooooooooot the whole day down.

Ah, Monday. Here you are again.

I was well aware of Monday's presence at silly o'clock this morning when both Paul and I could not sleep. We were awake for no reason. For once it wasn't Barney's fault either! We were not amused.

Needless to say, and as predicted yesterday, we didn't gym. We needed a few extra minutes to sleep!

I managed to blag a lift into work from Paul, which was nice, and got in at a reasonable time to say I was running later than usual this morning. On the radio, due to it being St Patrick's Day, was 'I Don't Like Mondays'. Which was apt. Except it was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I'm not sure T appreciated my constant singing at her, but hey ho!

Then it was back to the same old same old. Loads to do, files to print, repeat ad nauseum. :(

I got the work done as necessary, then headed home with the intention of being productive. I succeeded! I arrived home at the same time as Paul, and while he went shopping, I did some washing up that was left over from yesterday, then headed upstairs to do more ironing. Yep - a week after the last lot got done, there was loads more and I intended on taking it on!

I put the Veronica Mars movie on in the background and ploughed on with the work. It helped, having entertainment, and I liked the movie even more on second watch!

Not much left and it also leads to a perfect bed for Barney. I know for a fact Paul loves his work shirts being extra creased and covered in hair by The Barnacle. Who can blame him?!

We had fake Nandos for dinner and watched Hawaii 5-0 and Community, which was fun. We then headed to bed to catch up on more sleep! I don't think you can ever catch up on sleep, but it's worth trying, I think!



Friday, 21 March 2014

16th March 2014 - Chillin' like a Villain!

Another early wake up call. Thanks, Grand Prix. :(

After an early breakfast (for me, anyway), Paul had to head off to go to the football. I had a few jobs to do, but was in no rush to do them! I have got used to being lazy on a weekend!

Before he went, he had some nice little cuddles with the Barnacle.

Yep. Even after the arms were removed he just lay there. Doing a grand impression of his Daddy, I'd say! Head on pillow, hogging the duvet...definitely Daddy's boy!

Even though my desire to do it was low, I got up, got dressed and proceeded to clean the bathroom where I think the cats had been using their litter like confetti. It was EVERYWHERE!

So I decided everything needed a blitz, and every towel that was in there, exposed to the air (and therefore litter) was put back in the wash - even if technically clean. I scrubbed the windows, the walls, the skirting, the floor...thank goodness I cleaned the bath yesterday!

It was hard (and slightly gross) work but it just looks a million times better than it did before!

Once I finished I celebrated with a nice cold beverage.

It was a humdinger alright! Very nice too, I think!

Paul came back from the football and wasn't in the best of moods so he had a couple of beers too.

We then watched some TV with dinner and then watched Paul's other football team - The Portland Timbers in their match. We never get to see the games normally as they are on at silly o'clock over here but this one must have been a very early kick off as it started at 7pm our time!

Then, after a little more chilling out, we went to bed. Probably no gym tomorrow. We have sleep to catch up on.



Thursday, 20 March 2014

15th March 2014 - I'm forever blowing bubbles!

So to recap yesterday's ending to the post: I woke up at around 1:30am on the sofa. Go team tired!

If only the sofa were bigger so I could fit on there properly, I'd sleep there more often because it seems the cats leave me alone on there!

Paul got up at silly o'clock to watch the Australian Grand Prix qualifying. Which started at 6am. Yeah. He woke me up and I could not get back to sleep for love nor money. I tried but failed.

I also felt coldy still, after feeling a little coldy yesterday. Booo.

So the only thing to be done was to stay in bed. Turns out, that meant I stayed in bed pretty much all day!

After the Grand Prix, Paul went and did a short-ish training run with his imaginary friend (who is real. Honest) prior to their Half Marathon next Sunday! I stayed in bed.

This sounds familiar...almost like I've written it in posts before. Hmmm.

Anyway, enough was enough and in the afternoon (yes, I was there all morning) I decided to get up and have a bath! That might help me feel better! Although first I had to clean the bath as I hadn't used it for some time and it was a little gross. I know that sounds strange - cleaning the bath before filling it with water which would just clean it anyway, but how can you get clean in dirty water?

It takes AGES for the bath to fill. Maia and Barney were both intreagued by it but neither fancied a swim.

Paul wasn't bothered, and his lack of appreciation for the bath meant he got punished.

Ha. That told you, didn't it?!

There was plenty more chilling out done for the rest of the day, and it was much needed. It perked me up a little, even!

We had dinner of steak with spicy macaroni cheese and salad. It was yummy! We watched yet more tv and then tried to get to bed for a decent hour as Paul would be up early again tomorrow for the actual Grand Prix.

One day I'll have a weekend lie in...



Wednesday, 19 March 2014

14th March 2014 - She's a Marshmallow.

A gym visit in the bag, now Friday can get started!

I felt a little cold-y today but not so much that I was going to whinge about it every 5 minutes. In fact, I was determined to not have a cold, it was T who insisted I did!

Before all that, I was getting ready for work this morning, when I witness Barney acting very strange indeed. Very shy and a little freaked out by something. I couldn't think what, until he very slowly made his way across the bed and proceeded to beat the carp out of a coathanger which was sat there, minding it's own business!

After giving it the paw o'doom for a minute or so, it then needed to feel his wrath a little more. I caught some on video!

That's Paul's t shirt getting battered as well. Shame.

Work was a long day, as ever, but got everything done that I needed to do. I think. And have loads of work to do next week. Great. Thank goodness we have a weekend coming up!

I wanted to get home sharpish as I had a date with something I've been waiting a little while for. Not as long as many many others, but long enough!

Veronica Mars! The Movie!

I bought it on Amazon Instant video and can watch it through the PS3! How fantastic!

Paul was late getting home. After 6:30pm! I had been itching to start watching this from when I got home at 5:15pm! How I managed to wait is a mystery! How I managed to not open the wine is also a mystery! I did, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

We watched some tv afterwards with a couple of gins, and the excitement of the day must have got to me because I fell asleep on the sofa. Apparently I did not want to wake up so I remained there until I woke up at about 1:30am! Silly gal!



Tuesday, 18 March 2014

13th March 2014 - An apple a day!

A bit of a rushed morning. The usual gym trip was back on and I was really proud of myself that I was able to run for 10 minutes without stopping or my hip/back hurting! Success!

Then I went to work for approximately 40 minutes before having to leave to go to a doctors appointment. General check up, blood pressure fine, in and out in 5 minutes! Which is all very well but maybe I have questions? Apparently that doesn't matter. Hmph.

I had a prescription to pick up so popped into the pharmacy at the supermarket next door. 15 minute wait? Sure - I can live with that. So I had a look around the clothes and milled about killing time. Got back to the pharmacy...and had to wait another 10 minutes. Yup, so happy I was.

It seems that they must have been really busy and rushing things along. Because the bag that I got wasn't strictly correct...

So unless I married the wrong person, I am now the wife of the Captain of the Startship Enterprise. Which is cool, you know, but all those alien affairs might cause an issue with me.

Then back to work for a bit of a strange day. That's the problem with being out of the office so early! I didn't take a lunch break so had to work through from about 10:30am to 5! I did have lunch but had loads to do!

After work it was time for home and we had a chilled evening. Paul had some work to do on his assignments so I watched tv and vegetated. We watched some more Veronica Mars in preparation for tomorrow! WHOOP!



Monday, 17 March 2014

12th March 2014 - Superb!

Another lazy morning in the Kirkham household. Which is good, as Barney was a little stompasaurus last night!

As tonight is #Whedonsday I had a productive morning of taking out rubbish, clearing up the papers in the living room, putting washing out to dry. I got more done in 30 minutes this morning that I can on some weekends! Go me!

Then to work. It was a really busy day but it actually went really quickly. I suppose that's the joy of having a lot to do!

After work it was time for home and another crazy evening of reckless #Whedonsday fun! Which is was. Especially because we got an extra special gift!

Yep - it's an invitation to Chris and Ceri's wedding! Wait til you see it! It's awesome!

It's a teepee! Because they're having their wedding reception in teepees! How ace is that?! All made themselves as well!

Being a good kind friend I RSVP'd straight away! We will deffo be there! I can't wait! Got to find me a hat and everything!

Then onto the evening's entertainment! We watched a couple of episodes of Buffy (which were spoilered 2 weeks ago by Netflix) and started watching S.H.I.E.L.D until we realised that Chris hadn't seen last week's ep.

But in the middle of all that, it was dinner time! Paul cooked up a storm!

Nice healthy burger dinner for us. Complete with hash brown on the burger. And onion rings. Picture of pure health, right?

It was delish. Messy...but delish!

Once Chris left we cleared up a little and headed to bed. Rock and Roll.



Sunday, 16 March 2014

11th March 2014 - Nada

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho!

My back still isn't back to 100% so we decided to leave off the gym this morning and we'll start again on Thursday.

And other than that riveting revelation, I really have nothing much exciting left to share with you about today!

I worked. I came home. I didn't do a lot. Paul came in. We had dinner (left over Italian Shepherds Pie...mmm) and watched tv.

We then went to bed at a pretty early hour because I was shattered.

I think this is the shortest post I've written in a while! But seriously: nothing happened today!

There was also nothing of note to take pictures of, so here are my 3 light up gnomes that I got as a random Christmas present from Paul about 5 years ago. They're fun!



Saturday, 15 March 2014

10th March 2014 - Day off...but not!

Yay for a cheeky Monday off work! There were reasons for it but mostly because I felt like I needed one and we were out all day Saturday so needed an extra day to catch up with chores.

Of course, there was the matter of a tiny lie in which was nice! Paul got up at a decent hour to go and do some coursework, but me...I didn't. :)

Neither did Maia...

 Or Barney!

Can't say I blame them one bit!

When I did get up (and it wasn't that bad a time!) I had a hot date with a pile of ironing.

Ok, so some of it didn't need ironing...but 99% did and by golly I was going to get it done!

Maia kept trying to lure me back to bed but I was having none of her wiley scheme. Sadly. I would have been a sucker for it had I not mentally built myself up to iron. I did kiss the belly though. BOOM.

Nothing really much to say about the ironing process. I did what needed to be done. With no help, mostly hindrance from a certain little chap...

He kept jumping in there once the sides were high enough for him to feel like he was inside something. Every time I needed a new item, I had to lift him out and grab the clothes before he jumped straight back in again.

I hope Paul likes cat hair on his work shirts...

Anyway, we did go out to do some shopping, and when we came back...yep - more ironing!

 Maia approves of the new location for the scratching post!

EVENTUALLY I was finished and all the ironing was done! WHOOP!

Only this beastie left to iron, but I don't know what setting he needs to go on...

We settled down for dinner and watched some tv. Then went to bed at a semi decent time as it's back to work tomorrow. BOO.