Saturday, 15 March 2014

10th March 2014 - Day off...but not!

Yay for a cheeky Monday off work! There were reasons for it but mostly because I felt like I needed one and we were out all day Saturday so needed an extra day to catch up with chores.

Of course, there was the matter of a tiny lie in which was nice! Paul got up at a decent hour to go and do some coursework, but me...I didn't. :)

Neither did Maia...

 Or Barney!

Can't say I blame them one bit!

When I did get up (and it wasn't that bad a time!) I had a hot date with a pile of ironing.

Ok, so some of it didn't need ironing...but 99% did and by golly I was going to get it done!

Maia kept trying to lure me back to bed but I was having none of her wiley scheme. Sadly. I would have been a sucker for it had I not mentally built myself up to iron. I did kiss the belly though. BOOM.

Nothing really much to say about the ironing process. I did what needed to be done. With no help, mostly hindrance from a certain little chap...

He kept jumping in there once the sides were high enough for him to feel like he was inside something. Every time I needed a new item, I had to lift him out and grab the clothes before he jumped straight back in again.

I hope Paul likes cat hair on his work shirts...

Anyway, we did go out to do some shopping, and when we came back...yep - more ironing!

 Maia approves of the new location for the scratching post!

EVENTUALLY I was finished and all the ironing was done! WHOOP!

Only this beastie left to iron, but I don't know what setting he needs to go on...

We settled down for dinner and watched some tv. Then went to bed at a semi decent time as it's back to work tomorrow. BOO.



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  1. pretty impressive of you to get all that work done with all those distractions..