Monday, 17 March 2014

12th March 2014 - Superb!

Another lazy morning in the Kirkham household. Which is good, as Barney was a little stompasaurus last night!

As tonight is #Whedonsday I had a productive morning of taking out rubbish, clearing up the papers in the living room, putting washing out to dry. I got more done in 30 minutes this morning that I can on some weekends! Go me!

Then to work. It was a really busy day but it actually went really quickly. I suppose that's the joy of having a lot to do!

After work it was time for home and another crazy evening of reckless #Whedonsday fun! Which is was. Especially because we got an extra special gift!

Yep - it's an invitation to Chris and Ceri's wedding! Wait til you see it! It's awesome!

It's a teepee! Because they're having their wedding reception in teepees! How ace is that?! All made themselves as well!

Being a good kind friend I RSVP'd straight away! We will deffo be there! I can't wait! Got to find me a hat and everything!

Then onto the evening's entertainment! We watched a couple of episodes of Buffy (which were spoilered 2 weeks ago by Netflix) and started watching S.H.I.E.L.D until we realised that Chris hadn't seen last week's ep.

But in the middle of all that, it was dinner time! Paul cooked up a storm!

Nice healthy burger dinner for us. Complete with hash brown on the burger. And onion rings. Picture of pure health, right?

It was delish. Messy...but delish!

Once Chris left we cleared up a little and headed to bed. Rock and Roll.



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  1. OK, that is uber clever, and I bet it is going to be a super fun wedding!