Tuesday, 18 March 2014

13th March 2014 - An apple a day!

A bit of a rushed morning. The usual gym trip was back on and I was really proud of myself that I was able to run for 10 minutes without stopping or my hip/back hurting! Success!

Then I went to work for approximately 40 minutes before having to leave to go to a doctors appointment. General check up, blood pressure fine, in and out in 5 minutes! Which is all very well but maybe I have questions? Apparently that doesn't matter. Hmph.

I had a prescription to pick up so popped into the pharmacy at the supermarket next door. 15 minute wait? Sure - I can live with that. So I had a look around the clothes and milled about killing time. Got back to the pharmacy...and had to wait another 10 minutes. Yup, so happy I was.

It seems that they must have been really busy and rushing things along. Because the bag that I got wasn't strictly correct...

So unless I married the wrong person, I am now the wife of the Captain of the Startship Enterprise. Which is cool, you know, but all those alien affairs might cause an issue with me.

Then back to work for a bit of a strange day. That's the problem with being out of the office so early! I didn't take a lunch break so had to work through from about 10:30am to 5! I did have lunch but had loads to do!

After work it was time for home and we had a chilled evening. Paul had some work to do on his assignments so I watched tv and vegetated. We watched some more Veronica Mars in preparation for tomorrow! WHOOP!



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