Thursday, 20 March 2014

15th March 2014 - I'm forever blowing bubbles!

So to recap yesterday's ending to the post: I woke up at around 1:30am on the sofa. Go team tired!

If only the sofa were bigger so I could fit on there properly, I'd sleep there more often because it seems the cats leave me alone on there!

Paul got up at silly o'clock to watch the Australian Grand Prix qualifying. Which started at 6am. Yeah. He woke me up and I could not get back to sleep for love nor money. I tried but failed.

I also felt coldy still, after feeling a little coldy yesterday. Booo.

So the only thing to be done was to stay in bed. Turns out, that meant I stayed in bed pretty much all day!

After the Grand Prix, Paul went and did a short-ish training run with his imaginary friend (who is real. Honest) prior to their Half Marathon next Sunday! I stayed in bed.

This sounds familiar...almost like I've written it in posts before. Hmmm.

Anyway, enough was enough and in the afternoon (yes, I was there all morning) I decided to get up and have a bath! That might help me feel better! Although first I had to clean the bath as I hadn't used it for some time and it was a little gross. I know that sounds strange - cleaning the bath before filling it with water which would just clean it anyway, but how can you get clean in dirty water?

It takes AGES for the bath to fill. Maia and Barney were both intreagued by it but neither fancied a swim.

Paul wasn't bothered, and his lack of appreciation for the bath meant he got punished.

Ha. That told you, didn't it?!

There was plenty more chilling out done for the rest of the day, and it was much needed. It perked me up a little, even!

We had dinner of steak with spicy macaroni cheese and salad. It was yummy! We watched yet more tv and then tried to get to bed for a decent hour as Paul would be up early again tomorrow for the actual Grand Prix.

One day I'll have a weekend lie in...



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