Friday, 21 March 2014

16th March 2014 - Chillin' like a Villain!

Another early wake up call. Thanks, Grand Prix. :(

After an early breakfast (for me, anyway), Paul had to head off to go to the football. I had a few jobs to do, but was in no rush to do them! I have got used to being lazy on a weekend!

Before he went, he had some nice little cuddles with the Barnacle.

Yep. Even after the arms were removed he just lay there. Doing a grand impression of his Daddy, I'd say! Head on pillow, hogging the duvet...definitely Daddy's boy!

Even though my desire to do it was low, I got up, got dressed and proceeded to clean the bathroom where I think the cats had been using their litter like confetti. It was EVERYWHERE!

So I decided everything needed a blitz, and every towel that was in there, exposed to the air (and therefore litter) was put back in the wash - even if technically clean. I scrubbed the windows, the walls, the skirting, the floor...thank goodness I cleaned the bath yesterday!

It was hard (and slightly gross) work but it just looks a million times better than it did before!

Once I finished I celebrated with a nice cold beverage.

It was a humdinger alright! Very nice too, I think!

Paul came back from the football and wasn't in the best of moods so he had a couple of beers too.

We then watched some TV with dinner and then watched Paul's other football team - The Portland Timbers in their match. We never get to see the games normally as they are on at silly o'clock over here but this one must have been a very early kick off as it started at 7pm our time!

Then, after a little more chilling out, we went to bed. Probably no gym tomorrow. We have sleep to catch up on.



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