Sunday, 23 March 2014

18th March 2014 - Sadness and Happiness

Can't believe it's been 2 years since my wonderful Grandad passed away. We still miss you so much. :(

Photograph borrowed from my Uncle. We're very proud of his war medals.
I had another pretty bad sleep but instead of being a wimp, I got over it and went to the gym with Paul. He did a light jog and I did a kinetic circuit, which meant I still worked out but didn't have to put as much effort into it as cardio. Excellent!

Then home to get ready for work. Then work. Which was much the same as yesterday. Nothing exciting to report there. Far from it. I had a horrible day, being asked to do things that other people couldn't be bothered to do, basically! WHY DO I WORK WITH LAZY PEOPLE?! Am I just the schmuck that they know will do it so it all gets put on me? Probably. I don't think that's very fair though. Urgh.

I was cheered up when I got home by a lovely new picture of my totally gorgeous nephew, Teddy!

Photo taken from the photographer (Little Poppitt Photography)'s facebook page. Her website is here.
Photo not my own. Sadly.

He is just the cutest! Annabel only had the pictures done yesterday! Not even 3 weeks old and I think a wonderful model! Such wonderful pictures by the photographer! I hope Annabel lets me see them all!

I had a nark on and bashed some pots and pans around the sink when Paul came home.

I had a gin and tonic to calm down, and we had dinner, watched Castle and How I Met Your Mother, then had an early night again. I'm really crap, aren't I?!



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