Monday, 24 March 2014

19th March 2014 - Check yourself(ie)

So I wake up to a new phenomenon taking over Facebook today. People are taking selfies when wearing no make up for cancer awareness. Then people started donating via a text link to Cancer Research when they did it.

Yes, a good cause, but no selfie from me. So I just donated instead. Don't need to blind the world with make up free me as a reason to do it!

The best picture to put on facebook would be one of how to actually check yourself for breast cancer, something that can be detected. So here's my contribution.

Taken from 

Yes, there are cartoon nipples on my blog. Deal with it. Check yourself, folks.

The day went long. I was still quite cranky because of yesterday's antics by certain people. Especially when the emails containing ridiculous requests kept coming my way. DO IT YOURSELF. In the time it took to email the request to me, it could have been done. Seriously. Urgh.

Ah well.

Home I went to prepare for #Whedonsday! Except we didn't really Whedon it up this week. We watched some Veronica Mars (shhh, don't tell Ceri) and ate chilli, which Paul made yesterday!

Mmmm...see - I did it with an without cheese. I'm quite proud of my presentation! You impressed at how I decorated your cuisine, Paul?

We watched some season 3 of Veronica Mars as stated, and were entertained by Barney doing gymnastic leaps from the pouf onto the cat tree making it bend in ways it probably shouldn't!

He also got acquainted with the top level of the cat tree, which is a bit unstable for his portly behind!

He sure knows how to relax, that one!

So do I, for that matter!

Chris left quite early and that brought this week's #Whedonsday to a close, sadly.

I then headed to bed to sort some paperwork out and watched the commentary to the pilot episode of Lost. It's been 10 years this year since it aired! MADNESS! I think it's at the front of people's minds as well with the missing aeroplane all over the news. I do hope they find out what has happened to it sooner rather than later. Give the families of those involved some closure. Although that won't be the case will it? All the investigations as to why it went off course etc...not good times.

So I fell asleep during the commentary, woke to switch it off and snuggled back down again. Then I woke up when Paul got in at about 11ish. Then when he came to bed a little later. Then constantly through the night.

Great. Just perfect.




  1. oh hush up, there nothing wrong with your face that you need to cover it with make up before you show it to the world.. Even if you had a great big mike tyson tattoo on your face because you were too drunk.. even if you had a great big birthmark on your face..

    We really need to stop using the phrase "oh I could never be seen..." and then finish that statement with anything that is natural.. like oh I could never be seen with out make up, or I could never be seen in a bathing suit.. (now if you finish that sentence with a 'stripper outfit' I might agree with you, but that's about it.

    1. To be honest, it was an exaggeration from me! I don't really wear make up at the best of times! Just at the minute because my skin is awful and I'm really self-conscious of it! Especially bad when all my friends look fabulous without make up and I'm a giant acne monster! I'm getting my teenage break-outs at 30!