Thursday, 6 March 2014

1st March 2014 - "He took him to a magic cloud where Mother Nature gave him special powers..."

This morning we had an early start at the bank! Just what you need after a night of drinking far more than you had planned! Especially when you wake up at 6am with a stinky migraine. PERFECT.

Some dry toast and pills later I was a lot better and we got to the bank with no problems. Joint account = sorted! We're so grown up!

We stopped for breakfast at our favourite cafe then headed back home. After a little rest, I decided I needed to be productive, so decided to clean and tidy the living room, which included removing some stuff from one set of the geek shelves. The wood was starting to bend a little from the weight of the contents so I dusted, switched those round and re-stocked the shelves. Looks loads better!

And looking at this picture, I can see where I left the duster, which I was looking everywhere for! SCORE!

Yes, the I Heart Chicken (aherm) mug gets a guest spot on there too.

We had a late dinner of chicken and vegetable pasta bake (Paul's running tomorrow) and started to catch up on some of the shows we've missed this week.

I then got a phone call. From my brother. Telling me the news of the birth of my NEPHEW! I HAVE A NEPHEW! :) :)

From Reaction Gifs
There may have been a dance of joy! From Tumblr
Ooga Chakka - there had to be a dancing baby! From Tumblr
Yes, VMars, I'm excited too! From Reaction Gifs
I may well have done this a little bit... From Tumblr
I couldn't have said it better myself, Tom! From Reaction Gifs
From Reaction Gifs
 *I may have been stock piling for this moment. Soz.

Edward James Hartley (who will now be known as SuperTed from now on) was born today at 6:48pm at a healthy 8lb 9oz!

I haven't seen him yet but my bro said he'd send me a pic! I'm so happy!

The rest of the evening was a bit of a high! Looking at baby clothes etc now I know what gender to buy for! Sure, unisex are cute, but little boy clothes are waaaaay cuter!

Then time for bed with a smile on my face!