Wednesday, 26 March 2014

21st March 2014 - Doing our bit

We've made it to Friday already! Go us! I'm proud of us all!

I'm currently still having technical difficulties putting pictures on here right now - the upload screen crashes. Not impressed. I'll keep trying though.

We got up and went to the gym like good people! Paul did a light jog and I did arm weights. We were a little later leaving than usual but glad we went.

Another busy day in the office, sorting files and generally doing admin work. It's a good job I don't mind the admin work! Very productive indeed, although a very long day!

After work I headed home and decided that I needed to vegetate in front of mindless tv. So I caught up with Vampire Diaries! When Paul came in, he watched some with me, but as he doesn't and never has watched the show, he had no idea what is going on so I had to explain it. And the explanation makes the show sound utterly ridiculous. Which is probably why it's a guilty pleasure, I guess!

Paul went and got us dinner and we vegetated in front of the television for the rest of the evening. We watched last night's Community and then Sport Relief. David Beckham in 'Only Fools and Horses' is a winner in my book. :)

I did my bit and donated to the cause. I can't watch the videos of people suffering and sit and do nothing. Which is the point, I suppose.

We went to bed around midnight. Crazy late stop-ups, aren't we?!



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