Friday, 28 March 2014

23rd March 2014 - RUN LIKE THE WIND!

An early start this morning for Paul and I. It's all his fault. He decided it would be fun to run in a half marathon. Me...not so I didn't. Yet I went along to cheer him on anyway!

The Liverpool half marathon takes you round some of the sights of the city and then back down to the dock. It also started at 9am so we had to be there earlier than that. Which meant Paul getting up at 6:30am to eat. I waited half an hour then showered etc.

Paul left to go get warmed up and to his place in line. I wanted to see him start so headed to the start line. The gig was being started by Liverpool Football Club manager Brendn R0gers (don't want people searching for him to stumble on this blog!) who was supposed to run but didn't for some reason. His teeth were probably being whitened or something. But anyway, he cheered people on as they got on their merry way.

While I wasn't able to get a picture of Paul starting, I did take a picture of Brendan clapping and cheering him on. Which Paul did not appreciate!

Now, what to do? It's 9:15am. The shops don't open until 10:30am at the earliest. Paul wants to have finished at 11am at the latest. So I did what any normal person would and went for breakfast. Alone.

I sat in our usual cafe and had a bacon sandwich. It was PACKED. I was lucky to be able to get a Sad Lonely Bastard (SLB) table for 1! I sat and read a couple of chapters of The Hobbit, while clearly being mocked by the two hungover chaps behind me, then gave up and enjoyed my cuppa! I felt the need to leave straight away though as the cafe was just so busy!

I then called my Mum as I headed back towards the finish line as there was nothing else really to do!

My view, just before the finish. Doesn't it look like a lovely day? Yeah - the wind was horrible! Sunny but windy all in one go!

He did it, anyway! 1 hour 50 minutes and 16 seconds! A personal best by over 10 minutes! Next time (in May) he wants to get 1 hour 45 minutes. I will cheer him on then as well!

After I met up with him we went for a beer or two with his friends who also did the run. They deserved a pint I think!

We then headed home, via the beer shop, for an afternoon of relaxation!

This was my treat. Some Black Country craft beer! As I grew up near the black country, I felt it was necessary to try my old 'local' brewery!

Eventually the best time of day rolled round and we ordered some yumminess to really treat Paul!

Mmmm, American Pizza Slice.

Now, I realise that this place may be stereotyping somewhat, but they pride themselves on giant slices of pizza. So you group them together to make a whole pizza! Different flavours and everything!

Paul's hand - just to show the size of said pizza!

It was goooooooood!

The Marathon man (half marathon...but whatevs!) chows down! He polished off his half. I only managed half my half so yay! Leftovers for me!

A Caroline-sized bite out of the large pizza slice!

We watched a few films as we wiled away the time! We watched the last Harry Potter movie, which we could hardly see as it's so dark and the living room is so light! Then Thor, because...we could! Then The Losers! A good day's entertainment I think!

After a couple of celebratory bottles of Prosecco (any excuse!) I was getting sleepy so headed to bed! At some time ridiculous like 8:30pm! I'M NOT ASHAMED!



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