Saturday, 29 March 2014

24th March 2014 - Will give this a title if I ever think of one...

Yay! It's Monday! Gosh, I love Mondays! They're the best day of the week! Said no one. Ever.

Due to Paul's little jog yesterday, we decided to have a morning off the gym so his bones could recover! Anything for a lie in! :)

Then, to work! I have loads to do, once again. Boring things but they have to be done all the same!

The highlight of my day - I found these!

I've had these post it notes for years! I think I may have been given them for my 21st birthday or something daft like that! I had thought I'd lost them or someone had robbed them, but no! They were at the bottom of a drawer full of miscellaneous crap I'd accumulated! WINNER! Certainly makes leaving notes for myself far more pleasing on the eye!

After work I headed home to do a bit of a clear up after being lazy yesterday, celebrating Paul's record time! We watched some TV, ate the rest of the pasta from Saturday night and then headed to bed early as we were both exhausted! Even though we'd had lots of sleep last night! At least Paul had an excuse! I didn't!



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