Monday, 3 March 2014

26th February 2014 - Just another Whedon Wednesday!

Another day and still no baby. I really don't think it's ever going to come out to meet the world!

Back to work and nothing interesting happening. Why is it so dull all the time?! I guess it only gets me more excited about #Whedonsday later on in the day!

Was able to get a lift home from Paul and came in to a very demanding puddy tat.

Before this picture was taken, she was stomping up and down the box that contains her food. Seriously, Moo, how am I supposed to feed you when you're grumping in the place I need to go?!

We had a good #Whedonsday and finished season 2 of Buffy and managed to sneak in an ep from Season 3! We watch it on Netflix, and as we finished, it gives a brief synopsis of the next episodes to come.

Yeah. Spoiler. I know the show is old and everything, but still, that's a pretty epic spoiler right there. If I were a new viewer I think I'd be gutted to read this as it takes the excitement away. Boo, Netflix.

We went to bed soon after the end of #Whedonsday.

A really dull day for you. Sorry.



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