Monday, 31 March 2014

26th March 2014 - It's all a bit purple

Ah, Wednesday! Wednesday is here. Which means another lie in! YAY!

So my toe hurts. Quite a lot. :(

 Nice and swollen and a little bit purple. Stupid drawer.

Work was BORING. Busy and dull and blah. I think the most exciting part of my day was the Sri Lankan chicken soup I had at lunch time. It's nice!

#Whedonsday was called off this week as Chris was going to the Liverpool match with his family, which is a shame but we'll let him off as his Nan was going with him and she's ace!

Paul had lots of work to do this evening so I decided to finish all the ironing! I finally have an empty basket! Well, that's not true, as it is pretty much always full of Barney. I almost feel like buying another one so he can keep his favourite bed and I also have somewhere to put the ironing, however he'd probably pick the one with the ironing in it, because he's an awkward so and so! :)

Paul and I had dinner, watched Castle and How I Met Your Mother (can't believe it's finishing next week!) and chilled for a while.

Not the most exciting of days to tell you about I guess. Sorry.



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