Tuesday, 4 March 2014

27th February 2014 - Clark Kent or Superman?!

Seriously, my niece/nephew is LAYZEE! COME ON, LITTLE ONE!

We got up and went to the gym even though neither of us really slept well. Especially after the beer and apple crumble pudding from last night!

Then to work. Yawn. Spreadsheets agogo for me today. BORING. The exciting bit - I got to pick up my new glasses!

Here are shameless selfies taken when I got back home!

Option One - chunky brown with green inners. Feel a bit like wearing goggles but I quite like them! Just got to get used to the bright colour on the inside!

Option Two: Cats Eye. Oh yes, I went there! If I'm going to get glasses of COURSE they are going to be cats eye!

So which do you like best? I keep going between both of them! They both are a little tight at the minute, but I'm getting used to them!

Paul was at a function after work so I was home alone. Waaa! I ironed for a while and watched some TV for a while. As I was going to bed Paul came home but I was tired and pretty much ignored Paul when I went to bed! Sorry, honey!



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