Wednesday, 5 March 2014

28th February 2014 - Foamy Friday

One week late, baby Hartley. Auntie Whiney is getting impatient!

Another early morning gym session for some weights. Even though I was knackered, it felt good. Also assisted by the fact it's Friday! And payday! WHOOP!

Another boring day at the office. Lots of lists! The only think getting T and I through the day was the fact that it's Fizz Friday!  There was a nice bottle of Prosecco cooling in the fridge at work ready to be enjoyed!

Which was ruined by the appearance of BossMan T. Fizz Friday was cancelled. This is, in fact, the end of the world. I can't describe how gutted T and I were about this!

So instead of going home to mope, I went to the pub with T after work! Her husband and daughter came to meet us and Paul came as well on his way back from Manchester!

So it was no longer Fizz Friday, but Foamy Friday. Which turned into a late one as we had just missed a train, so we went back to T and G's house. Where they basically held us hostage! We eventually left and literally just missed the train so hung around the station for a while until the next one.

We were a little bit tipsy by this point!

We made it home and went pretty much straight to bed! Rock n Roll!



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