Friday, 7 March 2014

2nd March 2014 - Morning after the night before!

Happiness and excitement does funny things to your brain. Certainly did to mine! I did not sleep well at all as my head was racing and I couldn't switch it off!

Paul got up early to prep himself for a nice long run and I slept longer. I dislike being tired and I was very tired indeed.

Then I got to see a picture of my new baby nephew! AWWWW! He's just so cute! Loads of hair (naturally...he's related to me!) and just adorable! I can't wait to meet him next weekend!

I pottered around while Paul was running. Sorted some washing...the usual. I also finished Veronica Mars. Well, that just ended, didn't it?! At least there's the movie coming out this month! I feel sorry for the people who watched it at the time and didn't think they were ever going to get any more of it! I'm happy for them that the movie has happened, and now I'm happy for me too! Hopefully it will be a success and it will keep going longer!

Once Paul was showered and we'd had lunch, we headed out to Speke to pick up a few bits and bobs...

Yes. A box for keeping your bits and bobs in! I didn't buy it. But it's ace!

We needed some new voile curtains for the living room, and also picked up some bargain bedding. We then went to do some baby present buying! :D

There was a sale on so I splurged! It's just a token gift or two, but why not?! I want to spoil this child, damnit!

We then went home and Paul did some work while I started making a card for little Edward. I needed more materials so wasn't able to finish it, but at least I've made a start.

I also spoke to Mum who had gone to meet the baby today and is now completely in love! Who can blame her?! Her first grandchild and all that?!

We also decided to have a celebration as we didn't have one yesterday.

Prosecco on a school night! We're such rebels! Was nice to toast to little Teddy!

Later to bed than we should have but worth every second!



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