Sunday, 9 March 2014

4th March 2014 - Bad Day.

Another morning, another gym session done pre-7am! Which is always good. Except I hadn't slept well so was shattered and my heart wasn't in it!

We got back from the gym and Paul got in the shower. Me - I lay on the bed and fell asleep again. OOPS.

Still made it to work no bother and no sooner had I got in, I was given jobs to do by BossMan T. Yeah. I was still wearing my coat when I had photocopying thrust at me.

I did it, and was then given the fun task of re-copying a few pieces and going through them taking out names, dates, companies etc. Except that i couldn't just delete them in Word...I had to do it the old fashioned way and get the Tipp-Ex out.

Other brands of correction fluid are available
Yeah. I spent all morning doing this.

From Tumblr

I did feel like bashing my head against a wall. Or a chest of drawers, as in the case above.

We had a ridiculous amount of post come in that the post office had been holding hostage, so I sorted through that, then while at lunch I had to sort out my financial situation with the bank and find out why my card stopped working. Turns out they stopped it as they had sent me a new one with my married name on it. Except I hadn't received it. So they're sending me another one. I then called the credit card dept to find out where my new card was from them only to be told they haven't sent me one as they didn't know I had changed my name. Even though I sent off a copy of our marriage certificate weeks ago. It had got to the debit dept but they hadn't passed it on to the credit dept...ARGH!

At least I have the credit card as now I am currently without cash cards!

I was in a bad mood, then Annabel sent me a cute picture of Edward, and that made everything ok again. Then she sent another one which made things even better!

Then BossMan T came in and spoilt it all again! More Tipp-Ex ing to do this afternoon...

From Tumblr
So I spent the day getting high on correction fluid fumes (I presume...I can't smell) and generally being annoyed. Not a good day.

I came home and decided to restart on Edward's card again, amending it to something a little more simple. I'm far more pleased with it now it's done.

Cute, no? Hartley REALLY didn't want to fit on the card! Stupid 7-letter names!

Paul made dinner and I finished the card at around about the right time for dinner. I have to take my Mum's birthday present to her this weekend, even though her birthday was weeks ago, so I started sorting that, only to find that the online shop I bought it from lied to me and it won't work how I want it to.

That was the final straw on bad days and I got upset. It was bound to happen.

While I was trying to calm down, Paul was sorting dinner, went to move our new frying pan when the handle broke and the pan fell on his foot. It's not a light pan. It hurt. He says it hurts but doesn't think it's broken. If it gets worse over the next few days, I'm taking him to the doctors and we're going to sue. He's got a half marathon in a couple of weeks. This is not good.

We had dinner and watched the latest How I Met Your Mother, then I made pancakes for us. Because it's Shrove Tuesday and that's what you do. Barney was begging for some, but when I offered him some he turned his nose up at it. Brat.

We were going to watch Castle but by this time it had got quite late, so we went to bed instead. I was shattered and fell asleep pretty quickly I think.



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