Monday, 10 March 2014

5th March 2014 - A new obsession...

It's a Wednesday morning so naturally we didn't need to get up as early. This is nice and all, but at the same time, when the alarm goes off later, there's still the same lack of desire to get up and snooze for as long as possible! I should set the gym alarm on a Wednesday and then feel smug when I can turn it off and go back to sleep!

Had a busy (still boring) day in work, but the day actually did go quite quickly, which was nice. I was contemplating going out at lunch time but laziness prevailed and so I stayed in but vowed to head out after work.

No #Whedonsday this week as Chris would be late getting to us and had a friend staying. Or at least that's the reason I remember him saying. It was probably something like his superhero alter-ego was going out to save the world or something.

I decided on a trip to Matalan as my card has mysteriously disappeared, and as I had to get a new card from the till I had to buy something! I looked around the homewares. Nothing. Around the ladies clothes. Nothing. There was only one thing for it. BABY CLOTHES! Sorry Edward, but I HAVE to spoil you as I need a new Matalan card!

Saw this, which was cute, and Paul's nickname is Dino, but that then makes it a little weird. I walked on by.

I did get a couple of items then walked home to get dinner started.

The above is a big hint. TIME FOR CUDDLES, OK?! I WANT CUDDLES. ;)

I saw this and it made me 'aw' out loud so I knew I had to have it! Following on the Winnie the Pooh theme with this little outfit! Hello little friend! SQUEE! It's the hat that got me, though.

Hello little bear! And his name is Teddy! IT WAS MEANT TO BE. Yes, I'm a soppy cow. Deal with it!

We had dinner, which was nice, watched a very good episode of Castle, then headed to bed.



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