Wednesday, 12 March 2014

7th March 2014 - Take Two!

Happy half-anniversary to us! We got married 6 months ago! Hasn't that flown by, but yet seems ages ago at the same time?

Back is still bad, so no gym this morning. Paul, however, needed to drive to Manchester to work over there today so he was still getting up at 5:30am. WAAAA. Needless to say I hid under the duvet and pretended he wasn't up doing stuff because the burns us, precious!

I did get up, and I did go to work. It's Friday. It needs to be done! I had a lot of work ahead of me because I wanted to get it finished! I didn't, but I should finish it on Tuesday when I'm next in work.

Motivation dipped after 4pm. It's Friday afternoon, the sun was shining and looking gorgeous outside...there was only one thing for it. FIZZ FRIDAY!

After it didn't happen last week, it had to happen this week instead! Well, we had things to celebrate! Not just our half-anniversary, but it was A's birthday yesterday (not that he joined us this time...oh well...) and also the birth of my little nephew...yes yes, many excuses. We usually just have 'it's Friday' so this was quite nice to have something to toast!

I did have my water on hand as well. I'm a good girl. But it still went to my head. ;)

After work, I dropped my laptop at the house, fed the kittens and then headed to Asda as I needed to look for a particular brand of beer, as a request from a friend. Could find it. Did find this, though...

IT EVEN HAD A CAPE! Aherm. Didn't buy anything though. I refrained. This time, anyway. He's a little bit small to be wearing a cape...but it would be cute!

I eventually got home and Paul started cooking as we were going to take some food for the new parents when we go to see them tomorrow. We had dinner and watched the first Captain America movie.

After a couple of gin and tonics, I was getting very sleepy and took myself to bed. Complete with the most painful occurrence of hiccups I have had in a long time. Little alcoholic!

Paul finished some cooking then came to bed too. Big day tomorrow!



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