Thursday, 13 March 2014

8th March 2014 - Huggles!

Remind me again why I drink?

Nah, in all seriousness, I woke up with a bad headache at silly o'clock, again, but took some painkillers and all was well! A few more hours sleep sorted me out no problem!

Busy morning ahead! Paul had some cooking to do, I had some tidying, organising and wrapping then we were heading off down the motorway to have a family day!

It's hard to prepare to leave the house when you have cutiepies keeping you here...

Barney had cuddle with the Gibraltar Monkey! I have to be honest, I don't think he was thrilled...but everyone needs a cuddle every now and again, and Gibraltar Monkey is no exception!

After a complete comedy of errors which I am not going to go into because it's just too shameful, we had some breakfast got on our merry way! There were accidents and average speed cameras on the motorway but we got down to Lich in good time and popped to see my Mum before doing some shopping, then going over to see my brother and sister-in-law...and my NEPHEW! :D

We gave them their gifts and had a chat, then I think my longing gaze at Edward must have been noticed as I got my cuddle!

Want to meet the little handsome prince?

 World, meet Teddy!


He snoozed pretty much the whole time we were there but that was no less cute! He makes a noise like a little puppy in his sleep! TOO CUTE!

Speaking of cute, I took some catnip mouseys for the cats (no one goes without a gift from me!) and Bellatrix was very eager to play!

She is a nip fiend! Such a cutie! She can be quite vocal, and obviously attention has been going elsewhere for the past couple of days, so Paul and I both had a play with her and Boris, her brother, but he hid from the camera.

But back to Tedward.

He has my brother's eyebrows. Also known as invisible ones! He's now in his 30s and you still can barely see them!

Tiny ickle hands! He has quite sharp nails as well!

 AW! I love his squishy face!

I know I have mentioned before that he has a lot of hair...that is an understatement! There is loads and the colour is! It's like something out of a bottle! It's a very rich brown with golden undertones to it!

I gave up my cuddle to Paul. Which I think was very big of me, but Edward's his nephew too, so I was nice and shared!

Aw! Makes him look even tinier!

Paul's arm started getting tired so I happily took him back again for a while but he started getting wiggly and fussy so time for a little feed!

Annabel is doing fantastic (in my uneducated opinion) and looks fabulous to say she hasn't slept for longer than a few hours for the past week, and then not much more than that before he was born!

After a little nurse, he went in his chair to hopefully go back to sleep. He sleeps better being held but that's not necessarily the most convenient habit to get into. Along with a case of hiccups to rival mine from last night, we got to see him plotting his evil plan for world domination...


Step One: Be cute. CHECK!
Step Two: Get the women of the world to fall in love with me. CHECK!

We then left, as it was nearly food/sleep time for Mummy which is more important than me hogging him for another few hours. It was hard to leave, as we don't know when we'll see him next, but it was nice to see him while he was still teeny tiny!

We then went back to my Mum and Dad's house for some food and a chat as it would be rude to go all that way and not spend some time there!

We got to spend some time with the lovely Sophie (who was snoozing) and the daft Chuckles as well, who seemed to chill in the strangest of places!

That looks...really comfortable...

He used to do that as a tiny kitten as well! I guess they don't really ever grow up!

I also noticed some of the props from our wedding still going strong!

How Mum managed to keep these plants alive for 6 months is beyond me! Mine didn't last 6 weeks!

After a few glasses of wine and some beef bourguignon, we headed back up north to be back in time for Match of the Day. The things I do for my husband!

I had a glass of wine when we got in (Paul had a beer my Dad gave him) and we headed to bed.

Long day. Lovely day. I can't wait to see Edward again! :)



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