Friday, 14 March 2014

9th March 2014 - Ruthless

Another early morning due to a rather needy Barnacle! At one stage he was completely long and horizontal between mine and Paul's head, belly up! Yes, I had a tickle, and more importantly, he let me!

Paul got up to have some breakfast as he had a training run to do. I stayed in bed a little longer to snooze due to my lack of sleep due to Barneyfeet being in my face for a few hours (!) but I did get up and made a start on my jobs for the day.

I always seem to be doing it, but today I needed to tidy the spare room. Again. I get so annoyed that it gets messy so quickly, but it is the dumping ground for anything downstairs that doesn't have a home or it's home can't be immediately accessed. I also do my ironing up there and it got to the stage where I didn't have room to put the ironing board up because of all the boxes and general mess!

To be honest, it looked worse than it was. But it needed doing and I needed to throw things away that we didn't need or have use for any more.

Yep - this has got to go... ;)

I cleared the big stuff into the bedroom and focussed on the little bits. Books onto shelves, that sort of thing. It didn't half make a difference!

I then sorted more papers that needed looking at for recycling and shredding. Paul assisted and we got a load of pointless paperwork/marketing materials/junk mail gone. It's such a relief.

We also got 3 of these...

Full bin bags. Yep - we got read of a LOT of crap! Well done us! (I really need to vac the carpet. Just pretend that's not there, k?)

Of all the stuff left to sort out, there is one box. A rather full box, admittedly.

 That's far more manageable than a whole room!

The old scratching post now had it's new home in the spare room. Maia has already forward-rolled her approval! It also has a box of toys on the base, which has been spilled over twice at least since putting it there. Also our seating plan from the wedding is hanging around. That'll go in the loft when we eventually go up there. It's a bit pointless to keep it but I can't bear to throw it away! I'm sure you understand!

After working hard for hours, it was time for dinner! We had sausage casserole that we had made some of for Mike and Annabel. It was DELICIOUS! Well done, Paul! If you haven't eaten it yet, Ambel, I hope you enjoy it like I did!

I introduced Paul to Veronica Mars, as it's movie time on Friday. Not that I think we'll get through it all but hopefully the movie won't spoiler Paul as I think he'll like it!

He went off to bed and I carried on watching as I had some wine left...and I started falling asleep myself. So I was a grown up and poured the wine back into the bottle, turned off the tv and went to bed as well! Means I get some wine tomorrow! YAY!



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