Wednesday, 16 April 2014

10th April 2014 - Back to the dark ages!

So in some ways, it's actually quite refreshing not to have a phone. Although it's not good when you wonder if people are getting in touch with you.

Paul has lent me his phone (he uses his work phone) as his personal phone broke back in November. He has a crappy little phone with the sim card in it but he doesn't use it! He pays for data etc which the replacement phone does not allow. Yes, the replacement has no internets. No facebook. No twitter. HOW CAN ONE SURVIVE?!

Anyway, we got up at usual time after another poor sleep to go to the gym. My legs are not happy with me. My calves are very sore. Must do something about that. Not sure what.

Then to work. I was determined to have a better day today. Can't have another poor day in a row, can I?

Well, it was ok. Not great, but ok. I wasn't annoyed quite as much as yesterday, so there's a bonus!

When I got home from work, I discovered my new sim card had arrived, so I tried to put it in an old smart phone I have. Didn't work. Great. So I tried putting it in Paul's phone and it did work. I put Paul's sim card into my old phone and that worked! SUCCESS! So now Paul's number is in the old smart phone and I have the phone that is only a phone.

Got that? I'll be testing you later.

My phone collection, ladies and gentlemen.

L-R - my broken phone; my old smart phone which has Paul's number on it; Paul's replacement phone which has my number on it.

I forgot the fun of flip phones. I'm sure it will have worn off in a couple of hours.

You can sort of see the cracked screen on the new phone in that picture. Just to emphasise it:

 There's the crack. So the phone is fine but the screen don't want me to know it. WAA. Hopefully fix it on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

While waiting for Paul to come home I was dozing on the bed, occasionally stomped on by both cats. Not good for me to fall asleep just yet!

Paul came in and we did some washing up, then Paul made dinner and we watched the rest of The Hobbit from Tuesday night. We decided an early night was in order, so lights were off at around 9:30pm. ROCK N ROLL!

*I got my camera working but it's hard to take stealthy pictures on an actual camera. So the pictures may be dull until my phone is fixed!* *Not that I assume they are ever interesting...but you know what I mean!*