Thursday, 17 April 2014

11th April 2014 - The end of the week. Finally!

I have never been so happy to get to Friday! I love Friday!

We got up and went to the gym. Paul ran and I did weights. It was a good session! I didn't really want to go when I first woke up but we were glad we went!

From there it was another working day. Another yawnsome working day full of the same old same old! T was only in for a half day so I was quite lonely for the rest of the afternoon! I got the work done and counted down the hours and minutes for the end of the day!

I then came home and waited for Paul to come back. And waited. And waited some more. He was in a meeting that went on for AGES! I decided I needed cheering up and needed something to giggle at, so put old episodes of Mock of Week on to be entertained! I enjoyed it! They were really quite old but no less amusing!

Maia was watching as well. She's a big fan of Russell Howard I think!

When Paul got home he had come via the shops and brought pizza with him! SUCCESS!

 Looks delicious, right? It was. Just the right amount but as I type I could TOTALLY eat more!

There was nothing else really on tv so we kept watching Mock the Week until we saw that there was a 90s music 'brit-pop' special on, so we switched to that instead!

Paul was alarmed by some of the terrible music that the 90s had back in the day!

I went to bed. Paul kept watching! I need some beauty sleep!



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