Friday, 18 April 2014

12th April 2014 - Future plans!

Woke up this morning feeling fine! I like it when that happens! Of course, after a couple of cups of tea I felt even better!

We chilled out a fair amount first thing, then got ourselves together for a road trip. For the first time in a long time, possibly even ever, we managed to leave the house at the time we had planned to! It's different when there's a fixed appointment but we didn't have that today, so it's a miracle!

We headed off to sunny Stockton Heath, where I took my phone in to a fabulous little shop to get it repaired. The only thing not-so-fabulous about it was the price! That hurt. But necessary if I wanted my phone back! It's all shiny and working again now! WIN! Just best take out insurance me thinks!

It took an hour to get repaired so we thought we'd take a look around. It's a pretty nice little town. We looked at house prices and they weren't actually that bad! Even better. It's somewhere we could see ourselves living in a few years, so that's a decision kinda made! Even if it's not Stockton Heath itself, we could move around the area. It's not cheap, like where I am now, but it's not the worst it could be! We might have to settle for an ugly new build, which sucks, but the energy efficiency would be good.

We got back home and then headed out pretty much straight away. We did some shopping for the week and I needed ingredients for a bit of baking I planned on doing!

When we got home, I cracked on with said baking. First up - Mars Bar Rice Krispie Squares!

BossMan T's daughter gave me the recipe for these years ago! Melting loads of mars bars with butter to make the base of the cake...ick. So sickly!

It kinda looks like stew? A little bit? The nougat took AGES to melt. I thought it never would!

While that's melting, measure out the rice krispies, then stir the two together!

Once evenly combined, spread in a pan like so!

Then top with plain chocolate. I doubled what it said in the recipe as that was to dribble it over the top. I wanted a nice layer to counter-act the sickly sweetness of the base!

Et voila!  It then went into the fridge overnight to chill!

I then made some oaty chocolate chip cookies to go as well. That recipe is more complicated and if I make them again I will amend it a little as they were quite bitter. Perhaps that's after the sweetness of the mars bar cakes, though?

I made quite a lot of mess, as I always seem to do when baking, so I cleaned that up a little while Paul made dinner.

During dinner we watched Silver Linings Playbook, which was very good. We then chilled in front of the tv for the rest of the evening. Didn't have too late a night though. Busy day tomorrow.



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