Saturday, 19 April 2014

13th April 2014 - Long Day!

Early starts on a Sunday aren't nice. When you're going on a trip to the Midlands to see people you love, however, it certainly makes them more bearable!

We left the house at about 9:30am to start our nice journey to Lichfield. We popped in to see Mum first of all and delivered her Mothering Sunday gift. Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't seen her! While we had a quick brew, Sophie made herself at home in my handbag!

She was very cozy in there indeed!

Chuckles was far more impressed with stair stretches!

A perfectly Charlie-sized step there!

We then headed over to my brother and sister-in-law's house to go and see them. Yeah yeah, alright, we went to see Edward! He was 6 weeks old yesterday! AW! He's got much bigger and even cuter!

My bro made us lunch while we tried to get Edward to have a sleep but he didn't seem like sleeping was what he wanted to do. So Annabel and I took him for a walk around the estate while Paul and Michael watched the football.

When we got back, he didn't seem like he wanted to sleep then either, so he had a feed and had his bum changed by my bro. That I had to see. Michael changing a nappy!

Obviously I didn't take a pic of the actual nappy changing, but had to get a pic of Michael and Edward together! At least it's not an offensive face my bro is pulling! Can't have him ruining the picture now!

Michael and Annabel seemed to enjoy their chocolatey treats! I hope they last longer than the night!

Edward had some time on his play mat and I decided to join him on the floor! I wanted play time too! He liked having ribbon stroked over his face, which was very cute and my hair also seemed to work!

He's also got a vice-like grip as my finger got to know! I was more than happy to oblige! How can I turn such a cutiepie down?!

After the football finished, we headed back to Lichfield and went to see my friends Steve and Danni who had their little boy Toby last weekend!

I made him a card, if you remember - this is what it looked like!

 I'm quite pleased with it! Yes, I do have copious amounts of blue buttons...why do you ask?!

Anyway, didn't take any pictures there, but suffice to say that Toby is tiny and very cute indeed! He looks even tinier when in Daddy's arms! He was 3 weeks premature but seems to be very happy and healthy and both parents are looking well and happy!

We also gave them chocolatey treats and again, seemed to be a winner! So Mars Bar Rice Krispie cakes and cookies as a staple 'visiting parents' dish it seems!

After about an hour we headed back to Mum and Dad's house for dinner! YAY! More free food!

There I followed Chuckles into the garden and discovered that my parents no longer have a water butt but a Charlie statue instead!

A much more aesthetically pleasing addition to the garden I think!

When Dad got home and we'd caught up we had Roast Lamb and veg for dinner. Very delicious it was too! Then after a short break we had a chocolate and raspberry torte thing (not really my cuppa) followed by cheese! Dinner at my parents is always good! :)

After dinner Mum asked me to go through some of my old stuff so she could have a bit of a clear out and we started looking at some old pictures she had gotten when she cleared out my Grandma's house. Her dad was a bit of a keen photographer and also wanted to get into forensics (he was in the police force already) but sadly passed away before trying to achieve his dream. He did have albums of pictures he took re-creating crime scenes and people playing dead. There's one of him pretending to be 'passed' lying on the hood of a car. Complete with his moustache, he looked very Humphrey Bogart! Very distinguished indeed!

We headed home not too late, as we both have to work tomorrow (boooo) but came in and had a cheeky gin and tonic before remembering we had stripped all the bedding and needed to make it again before we could get in it.


A lovely day.



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