Sunday, 20 April 2014

14th April 2014 - Happy Birthday Koran!

It's my lovely friend Koran's birthday today! She helped me a lot last year with all the weddingy stuff (plus her causing my love and adoration of gin!) so she deserves a little shoutout!

We didn't go to the gym this morning as we both found it very difficult to sleep last night. I guess that's the problem with getting in late. It takes a little to wind down.

So off to work we went, not really wanting to go. I was slightly later than I usually am, by all of 5 minutes or so, but still 10 minutes early. I get to my desk to discover that everyone has a nice hot drink made for them. Except me. It wasn't T, as she'd have made me one, so it was one of the other two. BossMan T doesn't make drinks for everyone so that leaves A. Who I have to report to if i'm not coming in to work. So he knew I was going to be in, but didn't think when pouring into 3 other cups 'I'll make one for Caroline as well'.

That annoyed me. So I made a LOT of noise when making a drink for myself. Not offering anyone else one. I am tired and this put me in a bad mood!

I got over my bad mood for a little while, then discovered I was limping. Yeah. I hadn't noticed until T pointed it out! Turns out my ankle hurts. No idea why or how as I haven't done anything to it. I think my left calf is a little tight and it's taking it's toll maybe? I don't know. I'm not an expert on these things.

After getting home, somehow, I did a few chores and then decided that the best thing for me would be to relax a little and elevate my ankle. Paul made dinner and we watched Hawaii 5-0 and Game of Thrones.

We had Puerto-Rican chicken and rice for dinner from a Levi Roots cookbook. It was REALLY nice! Definitely going to be made again!

After Thrones I decided I wanted to head to bed as I was still pretty tired and my ankle wasn't feeling any better.

I can't decide if it looks bruised or not. I think there a little patches of purple but no real swelling. Just pain.

I asked Paul to massage my calves a little to see if that helped. A whole realm of pain was opened up. Not a good way to send oneself to sleep!



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