Monday, 21 April 2014

15th April 2014 - Justice for the 96.

Today really was a nothing of a day!

We didn't gym as my ankle was still sore. I told Paul he could go without me but he didn't want to. Any excuse, eh?! Well, I can't judge as I'm just the same!

I got to work a little earlier this morning and was the one to make the hot drinks. I'm nice and include everyone. Maybe I shouldn't be so nice!

I was pretty busy all day, which was a good thing as the day went really quite fast. I got the majority of my work done before lunch, but still knuckled down in the afternoon.

Today marks 25 years since the Hillsborough Disaster where 96 Liverpool Football Club fans lost their lives. There was a memorial service on in the afternoon to mark the anniversary and it was on the news so T and I had it on in the background.

There was a terrible cover up at the time of the incident by many parties and it's not for me to make comment as I'm not fully learned in the subject, but at the time the initial verdict was that of 'accidental death'. People were not having that and rightly so. So many things that could have been prevented went wrong that day.I hope that the new inquest that has just started will work things out.


After work I hobbled home, still in pain, but no rest for the wicked today. Instead I did some washing up and some tidying up that needed doing as best as I could on one leg. Hopping while washing up is messy and not ideal. I don't recommend it.

Paul got home from work and showed me a prize he'd won today!

It's an Easter egg! YAY! We don't do Easter Eggs any more so it's nice to have one in the house! My only query - why do they put mugs in with them?! People who get a lot of easter eggs probably have loads of these things! Just make the eggs bigger or put another packet of the differentiating delicious treat inside! WE DON'T WANT THE MUGS!

Actually, we haven't got that many 'normal' sized mugs so I suppose we can use this one. That plea was for families who have a cupboard dedicated to Easter mugs!

There really was nothing of interest on the tv tonight so we had dinner, chilled a little then I headed to bed to read for a while. Paul's away tomorrow night so had to pack and I offered helpful and motivating opinions as he packed.

He then massaged my legs again. It hurt even more tonight. There might have been tears and screams. I'm not in a good way.

Then it was time for sleep. The alarm is going off at silly o'clock tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it.



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  1. oooh, I bet the mini eggs over there are way better than the ones over here..