Tuesday, 22 April 2014

16th April 2014 - Just me, myself and I

The alarm going off at 4:30am is not something that I particularly enjoy.

Paul got up, showered and left for a 2 day trip to Glasgow. I stayed in bed and wished that I could get back to sleep. By 7:30am I might have got another half an hour or so, max.

Work was it's usual boring self. My ankle was feeling a little better, but I wore some sturdy lace-up boots today to help support it and I think it definitely helped. Limping is so unattractive!

After work I headed out to Matalan, as my ankle was feeling a little better. I got a couple of new tops. I was hoping to get some black lace up flat boots, as the ones I was wearing are brown and really don't look right with my office wear. I failed. But the tops are pretty so at least there is some good!

I got home to discover I had a bit of mail. I awkwardly bent down to pick it up and my trousers promptly split. GREAT! Glad no one was around to witness that one! It's typical that this happens after I get back from clothes shopping. I'm going to need to go shopping AGAIN now for new work trousers. Urgh.

The post was our polling cards for the local elections at the end of next month. They've extended the voting hours now as well which is good as Paul usually struggles to get there. Now there is no excuse not to vote!

This now means that we'll get the usual flurry of leaflets through the door, each party bitching about the others and not really saying what they will do to make it better. We do read through it all to see if they actually do state anything that might be of interest. Generally it is just bitching though. Doesn't make me want to vote for you, political parties. Sorry.

Chris couldn't make it over tonight, sadly, so I really was just on my own. :( Ah well. I ate leftover Puerto Rican chicken and rice for dinner and watched a bit of tv. Very dull evening. I couldn't really be bothered and was pretty tired so went to bed early, read for a while and went to sleep. Nothing really noteworthy.



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